How To Get Free Email Hosting?

Emails are an important aspect of a business. While most people think that emails have become obsolete with instant messaging and chats pushing instant communication, emails have managed to maintain their place as an essential communication medium for businesses. Whether it is about sharing client-specific information (critical information) or newsletters, new product/service releases, etc., emails are a preferred mode of communication. Almost all of us have an email account that we use for personal reasons. Businesses use emails to keep in touch with their existing clients while trying to attract new clients.

Many business owners use free email addresses, like the ones offered by Gmail, Yahoo, etc., as the official email address of the brand. However, this can be a counterproductive move since free email addresses fail to create an impact that a Professional Email service does. While some businesses opt for Business Email service offered when they buy web hosting, others purchase a separate business Email Hosting account. 

Today, we are going to talk about Email Hosting and how you can get free Email Hosting.

1. Use to get a free email domain offers a free domain without needing to purchase a domain name or web hosting. While you will not be able to create a customized domain name, it will be a generic name according to your industry. Some examples are,, etc. It is better to use these domain names as opposed to Gmail or Yahoo, etc. There are no charges associated with opening this email account.

2. Get free Email Hosting with your web hosting plan

When you launch your website, you need a hosting plan to make it available online. Most web hosting providers offer Email Hosting service free with web hosting plans. This is an excellent way to get a professional-looking email address. While this is not really a free option, a web hosting plan is a must if you are launching your website. Hence, that cost is a given. Since the email accounts are offered free, there is no additional cost to get an email domain.

You can choose from a range of web hosting services, like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, etc. Also, if you are not launching a website, then you can buy a Business Email Hosting plan that offers features required for professional email communication. The best Email Hosting providers offer top-notch security, maximum uptime, and a range of other features needed by your business.

There are other professional-sounding email providers available for free or as a package with other services. Regardless of what you choose, it is important to ensure that your email address looks professional and helps build trust.

Summing Up

Remember, an email address is an important aspect of your business. If you are sending out marketing emails, then using a non-professional email account can be counterproductive. Also, Business Email Hosting plans are not very costly if you analyze all the factors before choosing the Email Hosting plan. They usually cost around $0.3 per account per month. Even if you want to avail of free Email Hosting, ensure that the domain name is professional and not the commonly-used free email accounts. Good Luck!