How to pump up the buttocks? The best exercises and simulators for the gluteal muscles

Why can’t I pump up my buttocks? Training Secrets Everybody Should Know About

Most of the tips that are given to girls in response to the question “How to build buttocks?” – these are particulars that do not allow to obtain a result.

Understanding the basics of buttock training exempts from the knowledge of most particulars.

The principle of the best exercises

To pump the gluteal muscles, you do not need to use a complex of 5-10 exercises. You can pump your buttocks with just squats or lunges, if done correctly. One exercise that is used correctly gives more effect than 10 movements if there is no understanding of how to use them.

We focus only on the main exercises for pumping the buttocks.

The principle of the EQ complex

We combine power, aerobic loads and use of EQ (Equipoise) in USA. Especially true for women who are more concerned about the appearance of the fifth point than men.

Female buttocks are an area that is easy to enlarge not only with the help of muscles, but also thanks to body fat. Our goal is to hypertrophy muscles and reduce fat. This will give the buttocks an optimal look.

Pumping the buttocks is the easiest way with the help of strength exercises.

“Dry” – thanks to running, jumping rope or other aerobic exercise.

The principle of progression of loads

The correct application of the principle of progression of loads in key exercises for the buttocks is 80% success in pumping muscles.

The principle of progression of loads forces us to regularly increase objective training stress. Add weight weights, increase the number of sets, exercises and repetitions. Reduce the rest between sets. All these are ways to increase the load.

It is necessary to increase the objective load once every 1-4 workouts. You can’t do without a training diary.

Consider the principle of progression of loads when answering the question “How to pump up the buttocks?” on the example of squats with a barbell:

Workout for buttocks №1

No progress. Consequence – the appearance of the buttocks does not improve. Do not repeat the mistake of 90% of girls. Train fruitfully and get results as soon as possible.

How often to train the buttocks? Principle of supercompensation

Using the principle of supercompensation, we derive the optimal training frequency for ourselves. We divide the training process into 4 phases:

Training. In the training phase, muscle fibers are injured, and not grow, as is commonly believed. Training sets, but does not provide future muscle growth;

Recovery. Muscles and other systems of the body are restored after received microtraumas. You do not need to train in this phase;

Supercompensation. The body protects itself in the event of a similar load recurring – it creates muscle reserve, which allows you to either conduct the next workout with the same load in a state of complete comfort, or to observe the principle of progression of the loads. We observe the principle of progression of loads and thanks to this we improve the appearance of the buttocks. You need to train only in the supercompensation phase!

Loss of supercompensation. Lazy people who did not come to training on time fall into this place.

Many girls train in the training-recovery-training-recovery cycle. Supercompensation does not occur, there is no result. Overtraining appears.

Signs of overtraining:

  • Muscle pain during repeated training. After the previous work, the body did not recover, as a result of which your muscles hurt even before the workout. Repeated repetition of such a situation leads to the rejection of training;
  • Poor physical and mental condition;
  • Psychological and physical nausea at the thought of training;
  • Lack of result. Due to the excess of stress hormones, the girls “swim”, the amount of fat increases. This is the result of improper training;
  • The desire to drop everything. Most of us enthusiastically attack the question “How to pump our buttocks?”, Trains for 2-3 weeks and scores on our dream. Continued movement becomes unbearable. Stress either forces the girl to quit training, or leads to a disease that causes her to quit training temporarily or permanently;
  • The other extreme is under-training. Lack of result alternates with dissatisfaction. There are no sad symptoms, but there is no result either.

You have no choice. Either you train correctly and get cool buttocks in the shortest possible time, or you score for all this and you get nothing. There is no other way to increase the attractiveness of the fifth point.

The frequency of training is an individual indicator. Novice girls usually do 2-3 strength workouts and a similar amount of aerobic exercise. Power and aerobic work is combined to save time and body resources.

Gradual principle

Says: you need to increase the load gradually, without jerking. Step by step. Only such a smooth strategy allows you to achieve a result and do it as quickly as possible.

The best exercises for pumping buttocks

Exercise for buttocks number 1. Barbell Lunges

Dumbbells or other simulators, which we will talk about below. Novice girls can start with lunges without extra weight to prepare their muscles for serious training.

It is possible to improve the shape of the buttocks with lunges without simulators. But only to a limited extent.

Exercise for buttocks number 2. Squats

If lunges are the most concentrated exercise for the gluteal muscles, then squats “distribute” the load to the entire lower body. The appearance of the buttocks also improves at an accelerated pace, but a little slower than when using lunges.

Exercise for buttocks number 3. Straight leg pull

In most girls, the development of quadriceps (front of the thigh) is ahead of the pumping speed of the biceps of the thigh (back of the thigh). The solution is to use a barbell, dumbbell, or expander traction on straight legs. The exercise focuses on pumping the buttocks and biceps of the thigh with minimal inclusion of the quadriceps.

Exercise for buttocks number 4. Foot back

In the simulator, with an expander or rubber loops. The most insulating movement for the buttocks of the entire complex. The emphasis is on the buttocks and, secondly, on the biceps of the thigh.

Exercise for buttocks number 5. Lead to the side

And varieties of this exercise for the buttocks. Focus on the outer and inner thighs. Helps to remove “ears” and grease on the inside of the thigh.

Buttocks are included in the work from a different angle, which complements their training.

Exercise can be performed in the simulator or with an expander and rubber loops.

Exercise for buttocks number 6. Leg press

We need a simulator for leg press, which is only in gyms. We place our legs at the top of the platform, just above shoulder level. This version of the legs includes the buttocks in the work to the maximum.

The rest of the exercise is either ineffective in answering the question “How to pump up the buttocks?”, Or are variations of the movements that we talk about above.

How to pump up the buttocks at home?

Pumping the buttocks at home is harder than in the gym. The only significant difference between home and gym training is the lack of equipment. In the first 30-45 days of training, you can work with your own body weight, but if you need a quick and really cool result, use special simulators to answer the question “How to pump up the buttocks at home?”.

Trainers for pumping buttocks

The simulator for pumping buttocks at home number 1. Tubular expander

A universal expander is the best choice for training at home. Using the expander, you can work out any muscle at any angle. With the expander, the girl gets the opportunity to perform 95% of the exercises for the buttocks, which she can do in the gym.

The simulator for pumping buttocks No. 2. Rubber hinges

Rubber loops for training the buttocks are no less suitable than a universal expander. Rubber loops vary in resistance, which allows you to observe the principle of progression of loads in training with them

The simulator for pumping buttocks No. 3. Hinges TRX

With the help of TRX loops, you can both complicate and facilitate the performance of exercises for the buttocks. Lunges, squats, abductions, “pistol” – any exercises are available in the TRX loops at any level of training.

The simulator for pumping buttocks at home number 4. Elastic tape

Alternative to loops or an expander. Less efficient but more economical.

The simulator for pumping buttocks No. 5. Rubber bands

Like Mini Bands. Such simulators in various variations complement training with an expander or loops, allow you to work out some muscles in isolation, which will improve the look of your priests.

The exercise machine for pumping of buttocks No. 6. Jump rope

The rope performs a fat burning function. Leads the muscles of the legs and buttocks in tone. A significant increase in muscles with the help of a jump rope can not be achieved, but the shape can be improved.

The simulator for pumping buttocks No. 7. Collapsible dumbbells

The best option for home training, if you have money and storage space for dumbbells. Be sure to buy collapsible dumbbells, since only with their help can the principle of progression of loads be observed.

The simulator for pumping buttocks number 8. Rod and accessories

We buy an Olympic vulture, pancakes for it and racks with insurance. All this takes up a lot of space, consumes a lot of money, but brings the best result in the shortest possible time.

The first options are optimal for girls who do not want to splurge, and are ready to train at their pleasure to get an excellent result. Barbell and dumbbells – for girls who are ready to spend money and plow up to 7 sweats in order to get the result as quickly as possible and answer the question “How to pump up the buttocks at home?” fully.

The advantages of home training are saving time and energy, no need to pay a subscription. But you won’t become a professional bodybuilder thanks to home training. Decide on goals before choosing the type and place of training.

Training programs for pumping the buttocks

The following programs are designed to answer the question “How to pump up the buttocks in the gym?”:

Pick up the weight of the projectile for yourself. The number of approaches, repetitions and the duration of the exercises can be reduced if you can not “digest” this load;

Increase the load in the same way as indicated in the section “principle of progression of loads”;

Do not try to progress faster! This is not possible and will lead to overtraining.

Still have not answered the question “How to pump up the buttocks?” for yourself? Write questions in the comments, we will answer them!