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How to save your old “friend”, with the help of carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg, VA

Browsing the internet, we came across the following review left on the Facebook page of a company offering carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg, VA: “We had a very old carpet, as old as the house. In time, we had hard-headed new dogs when potty training, young children with food & drinks, as well as people wearing shoes. This carpet was horrible! Before replacing it, I reached out to this company and they said they should be able to clean it. The tech put a pre-soak solution on it and 45 minutes later they started working the room. We now have a 19 by 15 area that looks amazing! I can go a full year or so before having to replace it. I would recommend this company: they are quick to respond, punctual, and personable technicians”.

This review was left by a woman signing with her initials, N. B, and the company she was talking about is Home & Business Services. They offer services ranging from professional cleaning (residential, commercial, window, air duct) to home maintenance, handyman services, and carpet cleaning. Fredericksburg VA and its surroundings, including the counties of Caroline, Culpeper, King George, Louisa, Orange, Spotsylvania, and Stafford, represent their area of service. But how can they save such an old carpet and how can they help you preserve yours, if it’s valuable, and you became its possessor by inheritance?

“We make sure your carpets are clean and sanitized, at a reasonable price. First of all, you will get a free estimate online, at any time of the day and night. After that, we will schedule the carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg, VA at your convenience: you can choose a few different dates and times for service as per your availability, and we will confirm and remind you at least 30 minutes before arriving since we’re always on time, with proper planning. We honor a 10% discount for seniors, veterans, military personnel, and government employees”, HBSOnTime.com writes on the official website.

As for the actual carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA, this company uses a method called “hot water extraction”. Also known as “steam cleaning”, it’s widely regarded as the most effective process since it is “tough on dirt and gentle on the carpet”. The first step is the dry soil removal, using an upright vacuum, with brush agitation and high-efficiency HEPA filters, that remove 99% of the particles. The second step involves the pre-spray of the carpet, for soil suspension, which is the action of separating the soil from the carpet fiber.

This is done through a method called CHAT: C – application of preconditioning chemicals; H – use of heat or high temperature to speed chemical reaction; A – agitation, for proper chemical penetration and even distribution; T – dwell time so that the chemical reaction can be completed before soil extraction is attempted. “A clean carpet looks, smells, and feels better, and we think our services of carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA is top-notch, resulting in 100% customer satisfaction”, HBSOnTime.com’s employees conclude.