How to Start a New Career in Ethiopia?

Employment is the one thing that haunts every individual. A lot of migration is happening around the world just to get proper employment. In recent years, Ethiopia has turned into an immigration center. Thousands of people migrate to the country to find themselves good ethio jobs to do.

Ethiopia in recent years has become one of the most developing countries in the world. It has become the job creation destination of the globe. Some of the most famous and in-demand ethio jobs in the land are that of English teacher, UN worker, Press reporter, ESL jobs, etc.

What makes Ethiopia a Job Providing Land?

Ethiopia has recorded the highest economic growth for the past 10 years. Its GDP has been growing at a very rate and various sectors are developing at a very high speed. The agriculture sector alone contributes 45% to the GDP of the country, 80% to the export sector, and employs about 80% of the people.

Due to the high immigration in Ethiopia, the demand for the English language is increasing. There are more and more job vacancies for English teachers. Due to such growth of the country, other sectors of the economy to are improving. All these factors make Ethiopia a perfect place to start a new career in.

The job prospects in Ethiopia are very high. No one sits idle. The best part of finding a job in Ethiopia is that there are plenty of sites that list down job opportunities for the candidates. These sites are very accessible and list down on credible job opportunities. 

Ideas to start your career in Ethiopia

1. Teacher

Teaching is a noble profession and is a lot in demand in Ethiopia. The demand for English teachers is specifically high. So, if you have good English knowledge and can handle children well, communicate well, and then you can surely opt for these jobs.

2. The Agricultural Sector

If you want to have a business of your own, the agricultural sector is a good place to invest in. You can buy some land and start your farm. Ethiopia, being an agrarian economy, gives a lot of profit to the agricultural sector.

3. Press Jobs

The media in Ethiopia is also very active. You can resort to reporting and writing for news channels if you have a good sense of writing, speaking, and general knowledge. 

There are many other professions that one can resort to. Ethiopia is on the verge of becoming a developed ad powerful country. The taxation and immigration rules are not that strict. Ethiopia welcomes foreigners. So if, you want to start a new career in Ethiopia then start doing your research. We wish good luck to you.