How to transport your motorcycle safely?

Looking for a motorcycle transport company near you? Hire a company to transport a motorcycle that has the experience and agility. A professional transport company is the best choice for motorcycle transport service near you. It has an appropriate fleet and maintenance up to date to transport motorcycles throughout the country. Want to get a quote to transport your motorcycle?

Click here Besides having a safe transport, the company offers the transport of motorcycles with a qualified and trained team to drive the special trucks for transporting motorcycles with total skill and agility. Keep your bike safe at the final destination.

Safe and reliable

Do not transport motorcycles with just any company. Count on a firm that has support and personalized service. Don’t just choose the price, after all your cargo has great value. Therefore, you need a reliable transport company. The main aspect when hiring a company to transport motorcycles is to check if it has a specialized fleet and qualified staff to take your vehicle safely, offering safe transport from collection to delivery. The transport of motorcycles is a common and well-known service, but some doubts always arise, especially regarding the process before transporting and also regarding safety during the journey.

Here are some tips to help you

Check all the documents you will need to have on hand. Standard motorcycle documentation, CRLV or purchase invoice is required if it is a zero km product. This documentation must be the original. We do not recommend sending the helmet and spare key with the motorcycle. It is a good idea to keep one of the copies in your hand until the vehicle is delivered. About the integrity of the motorcycle during transport, we do not recommend the use of covers, as they tend to tear and become damaged during the journey, completely losing their functionality.

Alternatively, you can wrap the bike in a thick layer of bubble wrap, a more reliable form of protection during the ride. About the safety of the motorcycle during the loading process, the mirrors are removed during transport to prevent accidents. The motorcycles are transported inside the stork, turned off, by at least two assistants, depending on the model of the motorcycle. They are positioned in a horizontal position because the tie-down points are aligned with the car.

Choose a reliable carrier

Shifty has certifications and authority in the market, besides online tracking that allows you to follow the entire transport process to the final destination. Over the years, the transport of motorcycles is a service that has grown a lot and is always requested by companies or people who need to transport motorcycles to different places and for various reasons. And on Shifty you can relax.


Cargo transportation is a fundamental service that contributes to all other sectors of the economy. Without transport, products would not reach the hands of consumers, industries would not produce and suppliers would not deliver. The transport service for small loads and freight is carried out by means of small vehicles. The main differential is the speed of delivery and transport security, thus ensuring the integrity of the goods transported.