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Is it Better to Use an Engineering Firm for My Building Project?

Clients with construction projects often express their confusion about hiring firms like Galloway architecture company or an engineering firm for their projects. If you have this question too, this short post will help you understand why and who you need to hire.

In the first place, you must understand that architects and civil engineers have related but distinct job roles. Both professions are in the construction industry and may often have related or overlapping roles during construction.

Functions of an Architect

Mostly, architects are responsible for creating plans for residential buildings. In addition to this, they also:

  1. Conceive and design modern designs to improve the comfort and functionality of buildings. The architect also renders designs using modern tools like CAD and other 3D applications.
  2. Ensure the primary safety of buildings by creating designs that can be safely constructed.
  3. Ensure that buildings are designed to meet municipal and state construction laws.
  4. Cooperating with other professionals in a project team.
  5. Compiling information, writing reports, and performing administrative duties such as logistics and welfare of construction workers.
  6. Determining the best building materials to be used during construction.
  7. Revising plans to overcome challenges as they arise.

Functions of a Civil Engineer

Civil engineers are primarily concerned with the design, construction, and maintenance of civil infrastructure. Their roles include:

  1. The on-site investigation, stress, and safety analysis: Civil engineers perform analysis before, during, and after construction to evaluate the safety of a building. This important process ensures that buildings can take the expected weight and not crumble under stress.
  2. Assessing the quality of construction materials to ensure that only standard materials are used in the building.
  3. Creating systems for the building. Systems include electrical, sewage, water, cooling, IT, and security systems. Civil engineers at Galloway architecture company, for example, design modern IT security systems to improve the safety and security of buildings and occupants.
  4. Project management: Civil engineers are excellent project managers who take up administrative roles in addition to their duties. Hire a civil engineer from Galloway architecture company to oversee your building. Civil engineers ensure that buildings conform to guidelines and regulations, manage construction workers, logistics, travel around construction sites, and write out technical reports.

For your project, it is better to use an engineering firm. Engineering firms will execute your project from start to finish.