Is Mixed Martial Arts Safe For Kids?

Parents that are debating whether or not they should introduce their kids to the world of Mixed Martial Arts tend to hesitate thinking it is a very dangerous sport. While there’s no denying that the sport does come with some dangers, the benefits tend to outweigh the pitfalls.

mix martial arts for kids is a great way for young children to learn discipline, build their confidence, learn self-defense, the value of sportsmanship, while also staying active and social. Despite all these benefits, as a parent, there are still doubts and that is normal.

Is It Safe?

Yes, in essence mixed martial arts is a safe sport for children to learn and participate in. While minor injuries are common, injuries are expected in just about every other sport such as baseball and soccer. Parents should expect some minor bruising, even the possibility of small cuts, and at the most a sprain.

These are all minor concerns which can be quelled by following these tips:

Tip 1: Observe The Classes In Person

Take some time to visit the local mix martial arts for kids class to get a better feel of what occurs during a lesson. Here you can personally see whether or not the children are getting hurt as they learn the sport or if they are having fun. Getting the feel of the atmosphere can help parents better decide whether or not MMA is a sport for their child.

Tip 2: Speak And Get To Know The Instructor

If possible, take the time to get to know the instructor before enrolling your child in any MMA classes. After just a few conversations with the instructor parents can form their impressions and either trust the instructor or move to a different class. Always trust your gut when it comes to instructors, if one does not inspire confidence in you and your child, another instructor might be better.

Tip 3: Invest In The Correct MMA Gear

There are different types of mixed martial arts classes and they all have different types of protective gear and uniforms. Always get the correct ones that are required by the class to ensure your child has the best protection possible.

Tip 4: Do Your Research

Before going to the nearest gym that offers MMA lessons to children, always do your due diligence and research. Read online reviews about the classes or even speak to other parents about their child’s experience in class. The more information you can gather, the better you will feel about enrolling your child in MMA classes.

Tip 5: Listen To Your Child

The best way to know if the classes are safe for your child is to talk and listen to your kids. If they say they feel uncomfortable or they have lost interest in the sport, listen to them. Don’t push your child into taking classes they don’t want to, if they do end up wanting to go back, support them.

Let your child know that you have their best interest in your mind, but also take the time to listen to their opinions about the class or sport. This way you know you are making the right decisions based on their needs.

At Dominion BJJ, we can guide your kids to a better physical health, knowledge of self-defense, and discipline they can use in other aspects of life through mix martial arts for kids. Contact us today!