Is Solitaire ring for a perfect engagement We Tell You

Beyond the declaration of love, the marriage proposal testifies to the commitment of two people. It is therefore customary to offer a ring to his fiancée, in order to mark this romantic commitment.

The choice of the ring is of paramount importance. This piece of jewellery should reflect your love and the depth of your feelings. Thanks to him, you will also show your future wife that you know her tastes, her preferences, by choosing a ring that suits her and that she will like to wear every day. The solitaire ring is the most common choice, the perfect symbol of the marriage proposal. We tell you all about it in this article.

The history of the solitary ring during a marriage proposal

The tradition of offering a ring as a symbol of engagement goes back to Roman and Greek Antiquity. Some historians claim that this custom dates from ancient Egypt. In those days, it was simply a question of offering a ring, without precious stones. Thus, until the Middle Ages, a simple iron ring was enough to ask for the hand of the loved one.

The fact of offering a ring symbolizes the depth of feelings between two people. By its round shape without discontinuity, this jewel becomes synonymous with eternity.

Over time, the ring has improved and been embellished with precious stones. It is between the years 1422 and 1450 that historians locate the first woman wearing diamond jewellery, in the person of Agnes de Sorel, then mistress of Charles VII. At that time, another tradition was born, and it was the Archduke Maximilian of Hasbourg who chose to offer a diamond ring to his fiancée, Marie de Bourgogne, in 1477.

Why do we offer a solitaire ring for a marriage proposal?

He then chose the diamond because it is an extremely resistant stone. Since then, the diamond engagement ring has become the symbol of marital fidelity. The forms that have gradually differed over the centuries, but the meaning remain the same. Today, we can appreciate different styles of solitaire engagement rings, as we find on the online jewellery store Alexander Sparks.

The choice of the solitaire ring is also motivated by a deep connotation. Indeed, it was often believed that the ring finger of the left hand was the finger which presented the vein directly connected to the heart. This is where the tradition comes from placing the solitaire engagement ring on this finger, although scientists have officially denied this belief.

In any case, the solitary ring has a strong symbolism for all those who make their marriage proposal. To suit all tastes, the solitaire engagement ring became more glamorous at the end of the 15th century. Today, we can find rings set with several diamonds, and not just one, to the delight of women.

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A solitaire ring in gold or silver?

If in the beginning, a simple iron ring was enough to symbolize the love and admiration that a man has for a woman, today that has changed. With the discovery of precious materials such as gold and silver, people wanted to bring more sparkle to their jewellery.

The diamond is therefore no longer the only element that embellishes the solitaire ring, the precious metal used for its design also comes into play. Generally, gold is preferred for a marriage proposal. You have the choice between yellow gold, white gold or pink gold. The choice of the setting for your solitaire ring is entirely up to you. To choose the stone that will adorn it, you will have to refer to the tastes of the woman you love. This is essential, to prove to her that you know her well, that you take her preferences into account. Take the time to study her tastes, analyze the type of jewellery she wears, the colour of gold, her preferences in terms of gemstone colour, etc.

  • She will be eternally grateful to you. Besides, this ring having to follow her all her life, it is important that she really likes it. The solitary ring has another big advantage: it easily goes with any other type of jewellery. However, it will soon be accompanied by the alliance, and the agreement between the two must, therefore, be optimal. Your solitaire will be the perfect elegant and refined master key!
  • The popularity of diamonds comes mainly from their preciousness, their transparency, their brilliance and their resistance. Note that its colour will also easily adapt to any other type of jewellery and precious stones.

Why do we offer a solitaire ring for a marriage proposal?

What style of solitaire ring to choose?

When the time comes to decide on the perfect engagement ring, the choice is vast. We find in particular the solitaire ring, which is a model set with a single stone. Next comes the shouldered solitaire ring. This model is a classic solitaire ring accompanied by several other stones.

Some will opt for the trilogy ring which is, as its name suggests, a ring set with three stones, of which the middle one will be the largest. It is a prevalent model today.

Still, others will opt for the “you and me” rings, adorned with two intertwined stones. This ring perfectly symbolizes the love that unites you with your wife. Whatever your final choice, you can choose to make your ring stand out by engraving it with your initials, or a word that is significant for your couple.

The solitaire ring is undoubtedly the one that best symbolizes a marriage proposal. It leaves no doubt as to its meaning, once worn on your fiancée’s finger. In addition to expressing your love and the symbolism that accompanies it, it sends a strong message. Whether it is set with a diamond, a ruby, emerald or any other precious stone, it will bring elegance and refinement to Madame, while tastefully accompanying her future alliance. You can make the best come up there. These are the essential suggestions that will come to your use.