Jascha Washington Bio – Age, Height, Movies Now

Jascha Washington was able to rise to fame with his excellent acting skills as well as his ability to write songs. He was born in California on 21st June 1989. Although he is famous by the name Jascha Washington, his full name was Jascha Akili Washington. He was a talented boy who got absolutely no backing from the entertainment world even though he belonged to a family with a very strong background. Success doesn’t come cheap and that Jascha had to literally fight to reach the top. How his struggles were rewarded and he became a username in the show business.

An early phase of his career

Jascha Washington’s career started in the year 1997, Which is viewed in a series of Broken south which was titled as ‘ A Reverend runs through it’. This show has made him so famous that within a year. He got his first debut film entitled ‘Enemy of the State’ this movie was to pay it on Will Smith. Jascha played the role of Will’s son Eric. It was originally released in the year 1998. This was the biggest commercial break that Jascha ever got. There was no looking back after this phone as it was a blockbuster hit.

The suite life of Zach and Cody

Soon after the hit, there was no lack of work. He became such a busy man with constant projects one after the other. Another super hit television series of Jascha Washington was ‘The Suit Life Of Zack and Cody’ which used to start in the Disney channel and was a favorite of the children belonging to the nineties. Here he played the role of the Drew character. He is one such person who is well dedicated towards his work and knows his talents and the correct usage of it. This talent of his became the latter with which he was able to climb the height that he had only dreamt of.

Big Momma

It is the talent that Jascha Washington possesses that can well be added to the resume. Apart from working on films and television, he has also been a part of commercials. His talents are God gifted and he is perfectly able to execute them. He has been able to play the character of Trent in the Big Mommas series to the best. Even though he has refused to be a part of the big momma’s series like father like son, He will always be remembered and missed for his character of the Trent.

Personal life

The personal life of Jascha Washington is quite happening as he is the father of three children at the age of 31. His first Baby child gives birth in the year 2013 and then came his second child a boy in the year 2015. The youngest son was born in the year 2017. He is a happy go lucky man and a very good daddy. The big screen messages presence but also wishes the best for his life His audience and fans are eagerly waiting for his come back to the big screen. Their prayers and good wishes are always with them and that is what helps him to be a man of dignity.