Myths Concerning Drug Addiction and Recovery – What you Need to Know

Workers and experts in the addiction recovery industry have had to debunk many myths that made no sense. Most people shied away from getting treatment because of misleading information. Skyward Treatment has the tools and skill set to help addicts overcome their addiction challenges and meet their goals constructively.

Unfortunately, many people have avoided getting the help they needed in good time due to lies and misrepresentations. It helps to have open conversations regarding addiction to help demystify some of these myths and debunk the wrong info.

It is Easy to Stop Drug Addiction Since it is a Choice

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Like many other chronic ailments, addiction is a complex disease with severe consequences. The notion that it is a matter of will alone is misleading and helps contribute to the stereotype and stigma surrounding it. Many addicts could reach out for assistance were it not for such notions.

Drug Addicts are Bad People

This is not true. Drug addicts are sick individuals who are unfortunate enough to struggle with a substance use disorder. Their thinking and actions are influenced mainly by the substance they consume. Many are not sound-minded and tend to act irrationally or without thinking straight. Due to their actions, especially those who react with violence, there is a huge misconception that they are bad people.

What’s more, no one plans t become an addict. They find themselves trapped, whether because they were victims of circumstances or risk factors. The fact that the consequences of their actions put them in a disadvantaged position does not mean that they are bad people. Trying to approach them with compassion is more appropriate than reprimanding them.

Addicts can’t Hold On to their Jobs

Well, the truth is that the world is full of functional addicts. These individuals are hooked to drugs and substances but tend to find a way of staying responsible and meeting their duties. Most of them walk around with veils that overshadow their true struggles and personalities.

High-functioning adducts have become great masters of hiding their addiction and hardly slip. It can be a disadvantage because those close to them hardly realize what is happening and hence cannot help in good times.

You don’t Knowe Someone if they are close to You and are addicted without your knowledge

The reality is that addicts are not obvious. The addiction they suffer differs from one person to the next. Some people are great at hiding what they are going through and masking it with what they want you to see. Therefore, you may be around someone for years and never get to discover their secret. Unless you are keen to discover addiction signs, you may have difficulty knowing someone’s real addiction problem.

Addiction Ends with Treatment

In most cases, treatment is just the beginning of recovery. Recovery is a continuous process that takes effort and commitment. In reality, it only ends when a recovering addict dies and leaves the earth.

However, the most important thing is to be willing to change. Get the help you need by enrolling at a rehab facility in good time. Talk to us for assistance.