Online Casino Trends for 2021

With lockdowns in place throughout 2020 and financial uncertainty for many, alternative forms of entertainment found themselves surging in success throughout the year. With much of 2021 looking  to be the same, and offline counterparts remaining inaccessible for a large part of the year, only services and online casinos in particular are looking to double down on the huge growth experienced. But what could the year look like for online casinos?

Sports and Esports betting to swell – Whilst the start of 2020 saw major elite sporting events find a number of postponements and cancellations, the back half of the year saw great recovery for the biggest sports in the world. The same time saw further growth in the very successful esports market too as online and offline events were largely able to continue without issue – with little disruption set to take place throughout 2021 as many elite sporting events are given the pass to continue behind closed doors, and some of the biggest events in the world such as the Olympics looking to make the return in 2021, it’s looking like it’ll be a very successful year as a whole for sports betting, and with many online casinos adopting this market as part of their operations, the success will be passed on here too.

Mobile gaming for online casinos to dominate – The majority of land-based casinos are likely to remain closed for at least a portion of the year, but many have already made the adjustment into the virtual space particularly alongside the many other operators who have been finding great success, with mobile gaming leading the way here. Being the most used platform for gaming, mobile has allowed a huge demographic that may have otherwise been less likely to play to join in, and with a growing number of services such as Max Casinos being made available despite adjustments in regulation and changes to initiatives such as Gamstop, there are more opportunities than ever for new players to find a service that suits their own needs and offers all of the convenience of a land-based casino in the palm of their hands instead.

New investors, new casinos – It has already been suggested that the impact of 2020 will become a huge benefit for many online casinos and online entertainment as a whole – without doubt this will bring yet more investors and lead to many new casinos becoming available too. With these services being very easy to set-up with little barrier to entry outside of licensing which can often be much easier to obtain in certain offshore locations, and further uncertainty for when offline alternatives will regain their full strength, it’s looking to be a very promising year for the space as a whole and an opportunity that could lead to some more permanent change.