Portable Evaporative Cooler Maintenance Tips

If you own a portable evaporative cooler, keeping it in good working condition for as long as possible is an important goal. Thankfully, evaporative coolers are easy to maintain; you do not have to spend money on maintenance. Here are a few tips for you:

  1. Make sure that the air filter is functional: The air filters attached to the unit must be in good working condition. Air filters remove dust particles from the air so that they are not accumulated in the cooling unit. If dust particles accumulate there, the cooling efficiency reduces, and working parts may get worn faster.
  2. Clean the louvers regularly: Whether oscillating or plain louvers, your cooling unit may trap some dust, especially if used outdoors. So, make sure to clean the louvers as often as you can. Dust may restrict airflow or cause dusty air.
  3. Clean the water tank and pumps: The tank and pump are in contact with water. That makes it possible for slime or fungus to grow on them. Mineral deposits may also form along the walls of tanks and pumps. Regular cleaning will take care of these. At least once every two weeks, remove the tank, wash and clean the inside and allow it to dry. It is best to use clean water for cooling purposes.
  4. Check for worn parts: Working parts may wear off after a long time. The concerned parts are the cooling pads and the fan rotor. Keep a regular check on them and replace any part that wears off. Worn water pipes may leak water into the electric components and cause some damage.
  5. Turn the unit off when not in use: The portable evaporative cooler should be kept off and unplugged from the main power source when not In use. If you won’t be using it for a long time, cover the entire unit with nylon and seal it to prevent the accumulation of dust.
  6. Only deploy to ventilated areas: Using the evaporative air cooler close to a wall is bad. The appliance is best used in areas where air can flow unrestricted. You can place the cooler at a minimum distance of 1m from the wall.

Your portable evaporative cooler may eventually develop some fault after many years. It is best to call a qualified technician from your local store or another suitably qualified person to handle the repair.