Pros and Cons of Using a Liquor Tap System

Over a long time, it has been possible to monitor the amount of liquor poured at the bar. The liquor dispensing system has made it possible for bar owners to manage the amounts poured to every cup. Though the system brings a new era in the bar industry, it may not be as ideal as many anticipate. It has a few pros and cons as well.

  What are their Pros?  

The following are the advantages of liquor dispensing systems:

  An effective way to monitor how much liquor drips out of the barrels  

Many bar owners have never had a surefire strategy to gauge the amounts of liquor dispensed into cups. However, with the liquor tap system, it is now possible. Most bar owners have found this system worth the investment; thus, they have installed the system in their bars, and customers can now serve them.

  Eases services  

No one has to go round service clients in a bar. It is easier to use the liquor dispensing system to pour the keg into the cups even when the bartender is not present. Customers begin to get a new and better experience whenever they come to the bar.

  One can compare what is being sold to what is being poured  

Many liquor dispensing systems are created to reveal the amount being poured to that being sold. This is possible because they are linked to the POS system. Indeed, this is one of the many perks associated with the use of liquor tap system.

  What are the problems linked with Liquor Dispensing Systems?  

As stated earlier, liquor dispensing systems are great for some bars and restaurants or various entertainment spots. However, they might not be ideal for other entities. These are the reasons why they may not be suitable:

 Need to verify accuracy  

This type of liquor dispensing makes it hard to give accurate info; thus, the bartender must take constant inventory to verify accuracy. Also, the liquor flow meters are not meant to provide the count of entire liquor bottles stolen. To navigate this risk, the owner of the bar must establish a locked store for the liquor.

 High initial cost  

A liquor dispensing system has high initial costs. Bar owners are obliged to make massive investments in the system’s purchase and installation to enjoy its benefits. Thus, most new entities or relatively small bar may not be in a financial position to set it up.

 Hard to match to sales data 

The right procedure to find out if there is any missing keg is to compare what was poured to what was sold. But the problem is that the comparison might be complex, mainly when individual modifier buttons are utilized on the POS system.

 Bottom word  

It is always advisable to leverage new tech in any industry. Bar and restaurant owners can now use the liquor dispensing systems to increase their services and monitor all the liquor pours. However, it comes with high initial costs, difficulties in matching sales data, and the need to verify its accuracy.