Rolex Cosmograph Daytona: The Special Watch Designed For Professional Racing Drivers

The year 1963 stood as a witness to Rolex Cosmograph’s launch in the market. The watch was specially designed to cater to the unique demands of the racing drivers. The iconic watch blends functionalities with high performance and is still special for the Rolex watch-lovers. Click here on the article to know more about the watch in detail.

What Makes Rolex Cosmograph Daytona’s Design Exclusive?

Symmetry And Balance

The watch was crafted and engineered as the best timing machine for professional race car drivers. The legendary Cosmograph watch comes equipped with its tachymetric scale, pushers and three counters. You can measure the time elapsed with this chronograph watch. The time elapsed is featured in the watch in the form of seconds tail, hours tail and minutes tail.

While the hours and minutes are displayed on the distinctive counters at 9 and 3 o clock on the watch. The seconds are displayed using an arrow-tipped centre hand followed by the 60-second scale around the dial.

The Bezel

The Tachymetric scale is included in the bezel which reads the speed over a particular distance according to the expired time. The tachymetric scale is known for its sheer accuracy. This makes the Cosmograph Daytona a perfect instrument for speed measurement (400 units/hour). The scale is either read in miles or kilometres. You can click here to know how the watch functions.

The Functions

The Daytona’s function is pusher-activated screw down similar to the winding crown when left unused. You just have to press once to start the watch, stop it or even reset the watch. The press gives a clear and crisp click. The Rolex makers aced the mechanism making to cater to the ideal finger pressure on the pushers. They also engineered the mechanism to offer a prompt and accurate start to the timing.

What About Cosmograph Daytona’s Calibre?

The Cosmograph watch comes with a calibre 4130. It is a self-starting mechanical movement watch that the Rolex watchmakers have developed. The architecture implements lesser components than the ordinary chronograph, henceforth increasing the movement’s trustability. This is also space-friendly, making it easy to accommodate a massive mainspring and deliver 72 hours of power reserve.

The Unique Features Of Rolex Chronograph Daytona

The watch’s 4130 calibre performance comes from the vertical clutch used to start the chronograph. This mechanical system functions on the two discs principle which collaborate through direct friction-enabled contact. It offers significant benefits; the start precision and stops function apart from the seamless chronograph seconds running from the moment, the wearer presses the pusher. The chronograph can also function for a long time without negatively impacting the watch’s precision.

The Daytona watch is inextricably associated with the motor racing world. The watch lets the racing drivers measure expired time. It also helps you with average speed reading on its iconic tachymetric bezel. The watch gives homage to the location-Daytona in Florida where in the 20th century there was hype for speed and racing.