Sex Toy Cleaning Mistakes You Must Avoid By All Costs

You finally have the sex toy you’ve always wanted. You enjoy guaranteed orgasms almost every other night. You can’t describe your sex life as anything else other than happy and healthy. It hits you though that with great sex toys come along simple yet profound responsibilities like cleaning the sex toy. This is a challenge for you because you’ve never owned a strap on dildo before so you have no idea what it takes to clean yours. As far as you’re concerned, you only need some soap and of course, water. That’s what you’ve been doing after all. Pause there for a while…. as strange as it sounds, you could be making huge mistakes while cleaning your sexy toy. The mistakes can every easily mean your toy’s life-span will be hampered. In that regard, here are common sex toy cleaning mistakes you must avoid.

Failing To Check What Your Toy Is Made Of

It doesn’t matter the material your sex toys is made of. It can either be waterproof or water resistant. Fortunately, many sex toys in the market today are 100% waterproof. Make no mistake though. Before dipping your strap on dildo into the bathtub or sink, first confirm whether it is safe for submerging. There are now battery powered strap-ons. This can only mean one thing as far as cleaning is concerned. You can’t dip yours in water. The best you can do is wipe it.

Using Scented Cleaning Detergents

Your strap on dildo will 100% come in contact with either your anus of vagina. Note that these two parts are extremely absorbent. This means you can’t use scented or very strong detergents to clean your sex toys. The reason here is simple –scents can very easily cause problems like yeast infection and irritation. Your best bet here is to simply use normal, non-scented soap.


Where do you store your strapon dildo after cleaning it? Chances are, you hide it away from prying eyes. There isn’t nothing wrong with that. You only need to be cautious enough though, to ensure you store the dildo in a dry place away from direct sunlight. You must also make sure the sex toy is completely dry before tucking it away. This is especially important if your sex toy is made of silicone, which easily reacts with too much sunlight and heat. Simply dry the toy, wrap it well too and store it in a cool, dry place.