Some facts about CBD Tinctures

Tincture is obtained by mixing alcohol and water with a plant extract. Thus, CBD tincture is made by adding water and alcohol to CBD extract obtained from Cannabis plant. Cannabidiol or CBD has a number of therapeutic properties and is used by people through various methods. It can be inhaled using vape pens or applied topically on the skin. Apart from these methods, cbd tinctures can also be used to reap the benefits of CBD.

How is CBD tincture made?

CBD Tincture is made using CBD extract from hemp plant and contains 60-70% alcohol. Commercial cbd tinctures available in the market also contain ingredients which makes them full of flavour. Many modern varieties of CBD tinctures use plant-based oils as solvents instead of alcohol. Ethanol and CO2 extraction are the two common methods to extract CBD from the cannabis plant. CBD tincture has a high shelf life and does not get spoilt even after a long period of time. This is very convenient because only a few drops of the tincture can be taken at a time due to high concentration of CBD and even a small bottle will last long.

How to ingest CBD tincture?

CBD Tincture is commonly taken sublingually. This means drops of the tincture are added to the underside of the tongue. Sublingual method rapidly absorbs the tincture into the blood stream through the blood vessels present under the tongue. Flavoured cbd tinctures can be easily applied sublingually because the flavour masks the strong CBD present in the drops. There are many flavoured CBD tinctures available in the market such as orange, lavender, vanilla, cinnamon and much more.

Another method of taking CBD tincture is adding its drops to food or beverage. The CBD is absorbed slowly by this method because the tincture reaches the bloodstream after passing through the digestive system.

The initial dosage of the tincture must be small. Thereafter, gradually increase the dosage. Further increase in dosage must be stopped as soon as the therapeutic effects of CBD began to manifest. More increase in dosage tends to develop tolerance.

What are the benefits?

There are many health benefits associated with cbd tinctures. These include pain relief, improved mood, feeling of relaxation and reduction of symptoms in nausea patients.

How to buy?

It is always important to purchase high quality cbd tinctures manufactured by reputed brands. There are many online pharmacies with huge collections of branded CBD tinctures. For example, Extra Strength CBD oil tincture by Active containing vegetable glycerin, purified water, natural flavours, CBD oil and fatty acids.