Streamlining the Production line with Mitsubishi Vision Sensor VS20

A key component of every production line is quality control. In quality control, the products are checked for any defects like wrong orientation, disfiguration, or damage in real-time. This is done to establish that customers receive non-defective products. Enhanced customer experience is what drives a company forward.

Another reason for quality control is to collect data in the production line so that improvements can be made to the assembly and manufacturing process. This ultimately reduces the cost of production and increases profit.

What are Vision Sensors?

A Vision sensor can be defined as an electrical device that uses the images captured by a camera to determine the position, orientation, and accuracy of certain parts. Unlike image inspection systems, these devices have the camera, light, and sensor all fitted into one component. This makes installation very easy.

Mitsubishi VS20

The VS20 is Seamless Message Protocol-Ready and it is also compatible with other automation products by Mitsubishi. It is built for a smooth workflow for diagnosing parts. With high computing power, it can reduce the aggregate cost involved in ownership.

Key Features:

  1. Lighting And Concise Size: The vision sensor comes with a ring LED that fits perfectly to the device and eliminates and eradicates the need to use external light. The lighting is compact and can fit in any kind of production line. Also, the lighting is subject to changes in accordance with the object under inspection.
  2. Easy to Instal and Flexible Settings: With its dedicated software, the installation of the device is pretty simple and an amateur can pull it off too. The settings provided are intuitive even for a first time user.
  3. Compatibility: VS20 can work with iQSS and SLMP which makes the connection with other automation products seamless. The control and monitoring of data can be managed with a programmable controller. The recognized images are moved to the GOT, making the flow traceable and efficient.

Work That Can Be Done Using It:

The VS20 is suitable for a wide variety of work:

  • Automotive Industry: Can search for scratch or dirt.
  • Electrical Industry: Can look for missing or defective print.
  • Food/Chemical Industry: Can check for missing tablet or print.

It can also be used to check the presence and orientation of certain objects in the semiconductor industry.

The VS20 vision sensor is a valuable asset to have that can streamline the workflow of your assembly line.