Stunning Hairstyles For Men To Try For Sure

Hairstyles have been the most exciting part of the fashion industry. Many hairstyles have ruled the industry for many years. Hair can be styled in any way. There are various methods and tips to style one’s hair. Experts of a barbershop in Manhattan have always said that hairstyling is typical yet the most entertaining job to do. Most hairstylists do not even take styling as a job rather they do it with passion. They are very keen on the looks and way of styling. Here are a few very keen hairstyles for men to try.

Crew Cut

Most of you might have heard of crew cuts and it’s also a famous one. Being a popular short haircut, the crew cut is very classy and attractive. The sides are trimmed or cut short while the hair in the middle is kept a bit longer compared with the sides.

Low Fade And Mid Fade

These two hairstyles are simple and easy to maintain. Only some hair is left in the middle part of the head and the sides are trimmed in a low fade haircut. For a mid-fade haircut, the hair on the sides is kept less and more in the middle. This is the only difference between the two cuts.

French Crop

The French crop is a very stylish cut. This gives a messy look to your face and is cut like small fringes. Messy and clumsy is the new normal. So, men can contentedly try this style. Using gel to style the hair is recommended.

Bro Flow

After Tom Cruise and Leonardo, short length has become the most desired style. Men with a bit of long hair can try this hairstyle. The above part is combed backward and is cut in the form curve below. While giving a bro look, this haircut also gives the coolest and bold look.


Blowout is a hairstyle that blows out everybody. Zyan is a perfect example of a blowout hairstyle.

Sides of hair are kept a bit short while the above part of the hair is kept in mid-short length in the form of spikes and blown out.

Barbers at a barbershop in Manhattan said that humans shed about 50-150 strands of hair a day on average. So, protect it with care, choose the right hair products, and a hairstyle that suits your face.