Take Care of Your Health while Vacationing by Dining at Ubud Healthy Restaurants

With its natural beauty, peaceful atmosphere, and charm, Ubud has become an attractive tourist spot for those who need healing tours. However, not only for your soul, you will need to eat healthy food if you want to fulfil your healthy body goals.

Some people often forget to take care of their health when on vacation. They enjoy a lot of good food regardless of the fat and calorie content. Fortunately, the Ubud tourist area offers many healthy restaurant choices for tourists.

6 Healthy Restaurants in Ubud

Here are six restaurants or café that offer healthy food in Ubud.

  1. Healthy Ubud

This restaurant offers a vegan menu that is minimally processed, so most of it is raw. However, the menu is guaranteed to be delicious. Thus, many non-vegan diners also like the menus offered by this restaurant.

Some popular menus are burritos, classic fusion bowl, vegan sushi rolls, and earth bowl. Besides the delicious taste of the food, the price of these foods are also affordable, with balanced portions. The location is at Jl. Banjar Penestanan Kaja no. 52, Healthy Ubud.

  1. Kafe

The most beautiful place in Indonesia is also the location of a healthy food cafe called Kafe. This hangout place is precisely on Jl. Hanuman no. 44B, Ubud. This place does not offer an entirely vegan menu. Some of the menus use animal protein, for example, roasted chicken, oxtail soup, and roasted turkey. In contrast, examples of vegan menus are Cafe detox salad, Meg’s big salad bowl, and vegetarian samosas. Everything is guaranteed to be delicious and healthy.

  1. Uname

Uname is a restaurant on Jl. Padang Getas offers a new experience in enjoying healthy food. The menu offered here is not just salads and smoothies.

In addition, the taste is also delicious because it combines western food with additional Balinese touch. The ingredients used to make the menu are almost all organic. Uname is also famous for its attractive location.

  1. Taksu Garden Restaurant

This restaurant on Jl. South Gaotama is relatively new. Even so, the quality of service and food remains a winner. Taksu Garden Restaurant offers an all you can eat buffet breakfast and lunch as well as quality vegan and raw food dining.

  1. Sayuri Healing Food

Another healthy restaurant that has received many positive reviews is Sayuri Healing Food. The menus offered are vegan-based, some cooked and some raw. Some examples on the menu are tempe (soy) burgers and vegetarian omelettes.

  1. Zest Ubud

Zest Ubud is a vegan restaurant that offers interesting menus, for example teriyaki jackfruit burger, vegetarian sushi, and avocado toast. Apart from offering healthy and delicious food, Zest Ubud also offers a unique restaurant interior design and beautiful views.

Tourists do not always have to leave the resort and come directly to the restaurant above to enjoy these healthy foods. Most of them offer delivery services. So, contact them, and they will deliver your healthy food!