Taxations and Your Submission Supports

You need to highlight the role of the accountant, who must direct the internal operations of the business and be responsible for different reconciliations, controls and tax calculations. This professional also has the responsibility to coordinate internal teams and collaborate with them, discovering flaws and critical points that need to be adjusted for the execution of the planning. This means that the accountant must be constantly updated, even though he apparently already knows everything he needs to perform his function.

Here are some tips to optimize your accounting:

Make a contract

Whenever you require someone’s services, make sure there is a contract between them. In it, the obligations and commitments of each of the parties must be established. A signed contract is more advisable than making an oral agreement, since if eventualities arise, you will have a backing of what was agreed. You can also wonder how do i figure out sales tax? Then you can calculate with the tax calculator.

  • Collect the necessary documents for your accountant each period. Gather invoices, receipts and proof of income and expenses in order and by month. Save all documents, especially those that have to do directly with the activity you carry out, as they may be tax deductible.
  • Take care of your money. Make the payment yourself after your accountant gives you the totals to pay. Also, be punctual to avoid surcharges or requirements by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP).

It is very important that despite having an accountant, you are also aware of the taxes you must cover. To stay updated, you can consult the Tax Administration Service portal. You will see that by making these simple suggestions you will optimize not only your accounting, but also your finances, since you will be up to date with all your tax responsibilities.

Debt can become part of our financial life, especially if we are in a period of change, such as moving to our first apartment or having a child. However, if debt gets out of control, it could become a problem.

Here are some basic steps to help you motivate yourself and take control of your finances

Accounts everything you owe

Many people do not know their total debt. Take the account statements of all the credits you handle, add them up and write down the amount, as well as who the lender is, the amount you owe, the term of the loan, the charges, fees and interest rates.


Consider a three-year term. Reflect that you need to set realistic goals to end your debts and that you will not be able to do it in a few months. Set aside a specific amount that you will contribute each month and make a commitment to yourself to be free of debts within this period of time, or as long as it is necessary, as long as you are committed to meeting your goal.