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The Best Pool Ladder Options for Your Choices


An underground or above- ground tank has something in common: both need a swimming pool ladder. This is a fundamental accessory that allows you to easily access your relaxation area.

How do you go about choosing?

There is no single model or material and there are no standard rules. By continuing to read I will show you the main features to consider and find a solution compatible with your needs

  • There are two main questions you need to answer:
  • The materials: better the steel or resin ladder?
  • Maintenance: what to do to keep the structure in excellent condition?

Practical conclusions

The best pool ladder is not an option to be overlooked. It is a functional object that can be transformed into a piece of furniture. If you have chosen the in- ground swimming pool, and the dimensions allow it, you can consider creating a Roman staircase.

It will be your own backdrop that will turn into a practical accessory and an elegant piece of furniture. Attention, however, to the coverings: each step must be non-slip. Before falling in love with this idea, consider if this alternative is exploitable.

If the dimensions of your underground tank are small you have to discard the hypothesis. The same logic applies if you have opted for an above ground swimming pool.

What do you have left?

Don’t be alarmed, you still have other alternatives and in all of them you have variables to consider. If you are considering a prefabricated staircase you don’t have to limit your imagination or seek a compromise for your needs.

The main options are:

Steel ladder

For an in- ground swimming pool or above- ground pool you can find stairs with different shapes or number of steps. The brightness of the stainless steel swimming pool ladder contributes to giving that touch of modernity to the overall design.

Resin staircase

An accessory recommended for both underground and above-ground tanks. Light and easily transportable solutions designed to be used also with the frame pool. If you have chosen an above ground pool it will be useful to opt for a removable accessory to be removed during the winter months. With a prefabricated ladder for above ground pool you won’t have to worry if the outside temperature drops below zero. With a few small operations you can remove the plastic swimming pool ladder and keep it in a closed place.

Practicality, functionality and aesthetics

Three rules that we always follow when building a swimming pool  Precisely for this reason we pause to explain that all tanks can and must be equipped with a practical ladder. You don’t have to evaluate who should use your pool , what is the average age or physical performance. Entering or exiting the water with practicality and agility is a prerequisite that must always be guaranteed to everyone.