The Travel Apps You Shouldn’t Leave Without

Thanks to technology, traveling has never been easier. You may not know the area you’re visiting but you’ll have the experience of someone who does to rely on. These tried and tested apps are built on tons of data, a sure way to know you’re getting good guidance. If you haven’t downloaded them already, do so now. Leaving without them is just not wise.


There’s nothing more annoying than finding out your flight has been delayed. As one hour wait stretches on to take the better half of your day, you’re expectedly frustrated. The worst part though is when you get to the airport and learn about it. We’ve all been there and we’re all exasperated with that that experience, which is why this app is so ingenious. It helps you track all flights is real time so you where exactly they are at all times. If you missed your connection flight and are wondering when the next plane takes off, well this app will get you all the information you need and more! So, download it right away to ensure you have smooth trip.


Having to pay exorbitant amounts to hotels when you travel is no longer a necessity. With Airbnb you can rent accommodations with ease and at affordable rates. This is because everyone can open their homes to paid guests. But, that is not even the best part. If you’ve landed in an unknown city and are wondering where to stay, all you need to do is open this app and it will guide to some great spots available in the area. What’s more, you’ll get to experience culture like never before as you interact with your hosts. A must app to have, it’ll make you stay all the more interesting and fulfilling.


Managing your itinerary is hard work. You are working with so many dates that it’s easy to mess them up. Too bad, the consequences for such mistakes while travelling are big. If you miss your flight, you’ll have to pay to get another booking. A lot of money wasted really. If you get late, you’ll find the festival has ended or the best parts of it have and the trip will have been in vain. You don’t want to do that.

Get TripIt on your phone and let it help you. The best thing about this app is that you don’t have to update it manually. Say you have a booking confirmation on email. Just forward it to the app and it will automatically update your schedule.


People want to share their experiences with others and there’s no better way to do so than pictures, they are worth a thousand words after all. Then again you don’t want to put up ugly pictures that don’t do justice to the beauty around you. Getting a sunset washed out in the picture is quite common. Sometimes you need editing apps to get the best picture, to make the flowers more vibrant and the grass greener. You can’t lug around laptop with complex editing features with you wherever you go and with Snapseed you don’t have to. This app offers some great filters that’ll liven up your picture though once you get a hang of the app, you won’t need them.

Sit or Squat

When nature calls you must answer, how you do that though is up to you. You can either find a bathroom to relive yourself or you must find a place to squat at. The latter is for obvious reasons not the preferred option. You may be on the road but that doesn’t mean you don’t get the access to basic comforts of human civilization. In a new place though finding it can be hard which is why you need this app. Sit or Squat scans its database of restrooms rated by the users to recommend you the one you should go to. When you really need to go, you’ll thank God you downloaded this app.

American Red Cross First Aid

Accidents can happen anywhere anytime. You can do little to prevent them, but what you can do is prepare for them. Before you leave, get the American Red Cross First Aid app so that if anything bad happens you won’t get the worst of it.

The apps gives you instruction on dealing with everything, from bites to burns, headaches to heart attacks. You never know what might happen so make sure to keep this one on hand.

Final Words

These are some of the utmost important apps to take on the go. Having these minimizes the discomfort you’ll feel in a foreign place. From finding a place to stay to place where you can relieve yourself, these apps ensure you don’t face an embarrassing situation. All you need in addition to your smartphone is a good internet connection to run them. Just check mediacombundledeals and you’ll find detailed list of affordable plans and packages to subscribe to. Once that’s done, well the world is your oyster!