The Ultimate Solution To All Your NAS Needs

Irrespective of the scale and size of the business, each venture requires a sort of network backup respiratory which is most essentially low-cost. But while being low cost, the system should be capable of offering good performance packed with high capacity. Checking out all these points, Synology Rackstation RS2416+ or Synology RS2416RP emerges to be the best possible Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution. Especially in the case of all the small to medium-sized businesses, this rack NAS offers a lot of features that are most likely to be a perfect fit for them.

While being a very practical and cost-effective solution for businesses of a small scale, these racks are also well capable of offering professional data protection features which are extremely well suited for all storage and computing needs. Moreover, these rack NSAs are also well capable of providing snapshots of the operations along with seamless data recovery with minimal complications.

Features Of Synology Rackstation RS2416+

The rack NSA consists of 12 SATA drive bays which are pre-fitted but it can be further expanded with the help of one Synology RSX1214xs+/ RS2414RP+ 12-bay disk shelf. The carriers that are present in the head unit have enough space to support the placement of 8TB Seagate drives. Moreover, the RS2416RP+ also comes fitted with a 2GB DDR3 which may be further expanded to 6GB by using the spare slot. Four quiet hot-swap cooling fans are also present but due to the lack of a PCI Express slot in the minuscule motherboard, it cannot be upgraded to 10GbE.

Installation Procedure Of Synology Rackstation RS2416+

The installation of the rack takes only about 15 minutes and as soon as the discovery web portal of Synology finds the portal, it installs the latest version of the DiskStation Manager (DSM) software onto the appliance. And as the web console of Synology’s DSM is very well designed, it is capable of taking snapshots with respect to the configurations of the Data Protection Manager (DPM).

Benefits Of Using Synology Rackstation RS2416+

One of the most essential features of the rack NAS is that it allows ease of use and the application of the screenshots can be done on the file-level but not over the block-level iSCSI targets. Moreover, Synology also helps in offering Snapshot Management utility that can take application-consistent snapshots of IP SANs.

The recovery of data using DPM is super fast as, about 50 GB of deleted content can be recovered in just about 20 seconds from its latest snapshot. Furthermore, all the snapshots can even be made visible to the respective users which allows them to restore their own files conveniently. Owing to the excellent data protection capabilities of Synology RS2416RP, it also allows the users to browse through the snapshots using the File Station app and also download or email the files directly from the DSM.