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Things You Should Know Before Buying a Townhome in Gilbert, AZ

Townhomes are modern, single, or multistoried individual houses that have a common wall with its similarly designed neighboring house. They have a typical architectural style and a separate front on the road, with a small front and back yard.

If you want to live near Phoenix, the capital of the desert state of Arizona, in your own home and have a low budget, a townhome at Gilbert is the best option. Gilbert is a fast-growing suburban town close to it.

During the last decades, to accommodate the growing population of Phoenix, the agricultural village of Gilbert has transformed into a sprawling modern city. It can be said to be an extended part of the Phoenix itself. There are many spacious and beautiful townhomes for sale in Gilbert AZ that offer lavish amenities and easy accessibility to most modern facilities. You can choose anyone for you depending on your pocket and needs.

About the Townhomes

The owner maintains the townhouse interiors, and he can do any redesigning and coloring as per his desire. But the community’s responsibility is to look after the exterior parts of the buildings, the common area, the waste disposal, etc. These are maintained by a homeowner association (HOA).

You have to sign an agreement with the HOA and pay regular or need-based fees to it. HOA has some covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) for the homeowners, like whether or what pets one can keep, whether hanging clothes outside is allowed, who can live in your house other than family members, etc.

What You Should Know Before Buying a Townhome

Like buying any house, you must inquire about the neighborhood people, the crime situation in the area, tax rates, availability of transportation, schools, and colleges if you have children, markets, etc. But for a townhome, you must acquire the following information before buying or advancing any deposit:

About HOA

Know in detail about the CC&Rs and whether it suits you. Also, enquire about the regular and the need-based fees to be paid. What extra amounts must be paid like get-togethers, exterior painting, repairs, pest management, etc.? It would be best if you also enquired when the exteriors were repaired or painted last time. How efficiently HOA is doing its duties, its financial position, whether other owners are paying their dues regularly, whether you have to take insurance for your home and its staff, or the HOA insures it jointly for all owners, and many such things.

About Your Privacy

One must know whether other owners do late partying and play music at full volume and how much check HOA has over them. If you cannot sleep at night in your own home, what is the use of having it?

You must also know if somebody parks his car at your gate. It would help if you enquired about anything that hampers your peace and privacy. The best thing to learn all this is to make friends with existing owners and talk with them.

About the Value of the Townhome

Generally, people purchasing townhomes are not rich. They have to avail loans from banks. The banks provide loans based on the building’s worth. So you must know when the house was built, whether it was tenanted, as tenants don’t take much care of wear and tear of the house and like things.

Most people who purchase a townhome usually plan to purchase a separate house in the future. Therefore, you must also learn the expected value the house will fetch in the future. The developments going on or those expected in the area will increase its value, so you must also know about them.


Townhomes for sale in Gilbert, AZ, are the first choice of many couples who are buying their first home and have not been able to save much. They usually have no problem with townhome culture. Gilbert has good health and educational facilities. The prices of houses in Gilbert have increased by 30% during the last few years, so purchasing a townhome in Gilbert is not a bad idea; if interested, you should look for townhomes for sale here.