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Tipping etiquette – tips for tipping your moving drivers

Whether people are moving in or out of their places, attempting to de-clutter or remodel their homes or offices, there are advantages in having a storage facility in which to receive or pick up personal possessions.

But what is equally good for individuals is getting moving drivers to help them during the process; leading to extra time for them to become even more productive. However, some people are confused with the protocol for giving a bonus to movers.

Tipping Movers for How They Treat Storage Facility Belongings

Below there are some tips that folks might find helpful.

According to an article on the Consumer Affairs website, the going rate for tipping movers can range from 5 through 20 percent. If the job was small, a person would provide a bonus on the lower end of the scale and if the work was laborious, than a higher payment would be appropriate.

To encourage the workers, it would be a good idea for individuals to give them half of what they plan on paying them as a tip before they load up. Most likely this gesture will cause them to be enthusiastic and inspired about treating the possessions with extra care.

If tipping all the workers is a bit out of a person’s budget, they can acknowledge their hard work by offering a repast, such as hoagies, doughnuts, pizza and complementary beverages.

Along with food, leaving a good rating on a reputable site regarding service providers can go a long way in making the movers happy; knowing that it will add to their bottom line.

An Excellent Establishment

A respectable storage facility will provide their customers with on-site supervision, 24/7 security per personal unit, to curb unwanted visitors and extensive lighting for safety purposes.

They will also offer moving supplies to assist those who might have forgotten something they need for packing; along with a way to pay their bills right with their smart devices, from the comfort of their homes.