Tips for a Successful Shoe Drive for a Fundraiser  


Working on a fundraiser is one of the most selfless things anybody can do. Of course, as long as it is not for the praise and recognition only. Good charity work fetches recognition, even if that is not the end goal. It takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice to organize a successful fundraiser. Here is an example of a shoe drive fundraiser to help figure out how to do it.

Why Shoe Drive?

A shoe drive can easily be successful given the number of shoes that get rejected while still in good condition. Some throw them away because they don’t like cleaning them, others because they have no more wear than the specific outfit that shoe goes with. Even shoes that are discarded because of some wear and tear can be salvaged.

The less fortunate have the right to avoid contracting germs from the streets as much as they have the right to remain warm in clothes. The needy also sell the shoes second-hand to other people who need cheap shoes.

Steps to Creating a Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Here is a brief description of what to do for beginners in the fundraiser job. The specifics will differ for everybody, but the following points will be common.

Finding a Team of Volunteers

People are looking for ways to help others and give back to society. Some people need volunteer hours for a job opportunity. Finding these people by word of mouth can be tough. Creating a promoted social media page for the fundraiser provides the exposure needed to find these people.

Gathering a Crowd

A fundraiser is only successful when there are enough people to contribute. Both offline and online promotion will help people find the event. People want to get rid of old shoes. They need to know about the opportunity.

Collection Boxes

The collection boxes need to be categorized, and people tending to those boxes must ensure they don’t get mixed up. The volunteers are responsible for ensuring the types or sizes don’t get mixed up, or two shoes of the same pair don’t end up in different boxes.


While many donors seek the opportunity to contribute, some donors are created. One free ice cream cone for every three good pairs of shoes can be a lucrative deal for adults and children. Vouchers from a local store for the top ten donors can encourage maximum donations. The list of ideas is endless.

Fixing a Date

Fundraisers take months to plan. A shoe drive fundraiser will be most successful right before major festivals. People buy new clothes and shoes before the holidays. This is when they will have shoes they don’t need anymore but haven’t discarded yet.

Right in the middle of the festivals is not a good time, as people are busy traveling or celebrating in some way. Right before the holidays is the best time. This is also when people are most willing to volunteer.


All fundraisers are important in their own way. Shoe drives are important because they are often ignored. People raise money, clothes, and food, but shoes somehow get left out of the narrative, as if people in need can walk barefoot.