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Tips to Spend a Happy and Safe Life in PG

Parents whose children move to large cities to study or to seek jobs are a worried lot. Concerns about the health, protection, and welfare of their children tend to consume their minds. Despite the mushroom growth of PG in Nagawara, they remain unregulated and it is the borders, whether they are students or working folk – who are facing a bad experience. Many students and PG residents complain about poor food quality, unhygienic environment, insecurity, and a host of other issues in the city’s PGs. And protection is one of the most important criteria when selecting a PG, particularly for female students. Nonetheless, choosing a PG with good safety seems to be an arduous task for the students.

Although CCTV cameras remain a distant vision for residents of PG in Munnekolala girls living in the city’s numerous PGs have told that their PGs are operating without a safety guard. Being the region’s hubs of education and industry, students from all over come here to pursue higher education. Despite an increase in the student population, the number of paying guests as well as hostel facilities in the city has also risen tremendously. The most vulnerable are students and employees from other cities are forced to stay in Paying Guest Accommodation.

While if young children live in another city, not everything could be in their control, there is a certain thing people can do to make sure they are safe and these things is being described below:

  • Keep Self Informed:Although children may seem independent, there is no harm in keeping themselves informed of where they are. Insert the exact address of their child’s place of residence. Allow regular visits where possible, too. It will help people better appreciate the neighbourhood. To ensure they visit them twice a year if frequent visits are not possible.
  • Be in touch with the landlord:Nothing will keep people from calling up the landlord. They play the role of guardian of their child, in the absence of parents. They should try to know them better, in that regard. This would let parents get to know the landlord and his family. If they don’t like the individual or sniff out any problems, they may alert their ward before it’s too late.
  • Check the neighbourhood:For the simple reason that they are better supervised, most parents would prefer their children to live in college hostels. If that is not possible, however, they must send their wards to accommodation with a PG. ensure the housing is safe and protected in such a situation.
  • Know the friends of the ward:The Company keeps a man known to him, the saying goes. When the ward is in a new place, seek with a new set of friends to understand the network of friends and families. This must be done in such a way that people don’t come across as a nosy parent trying to violate their child’s privacy.

The one who will be familiar with these things will definitely lead safe and happy life in Paying Guest accommodation.