Top Qualities Needed For Property Management

Very many property owners are a little hesitant when it comes to hiring property managers. They have doubts that a third party could possibly care for their property as well as they would themselves. The good news is that any company dealing with property management San Antonio does a thorough job before hiring property managers to their team. After all, a bad hire would damage the company’s reputation.

What are the qualities of a good property manager?

What do HR managers look for when hiring for a property manager position? Here are some qualities of a good property manager:

  • Patience

Some tenants are quite difficult to deal with and some property owners may have very unrealistic expectations. For this reason, managing property can get a little stressful at times.

A good property manager should have an innate ability to be patient. Gauge whether the candidate can handle complaints and other stressful situations with grace. During the interview, find a candidate who looks like he/she is willing to listen. Additionally, he should have great customer service skills.

  • Aggressiveness

This might sound counterintuitive since in the first point we mentioned that the property manager needs to be patient. But this is a very important quality to look out for – one needs to be aggressive when necessary. A good property manager needs to learn how to set a balance and draw lines.

In as much as the property manager will be required to be patient at most times, he also has to be very aggressive. This applies especially when it comes to late payments.

  • Professionalism 

The ability to be patient at times and aggressive at other times requires a property manager with the utmost professionalism.  He should get along with the tenants and others in a kind but firm manner. This way, people aren’t so friendly that they lose respect for him, and neither do they have too much fear that they can’t approach him whenever they need to.

Find someone who carries himself professionally, dresses well, and treats everyone with respect.

  • Great communication skills

A good property manager should have exceptional communication skills, both written and spoken. He should be clear and concise to reduce the chances of having a misunderstanding. This way, everything runs smoothly since everyone gets proper communication on time and knows what is expected of them.

  • Organization 

Property managers have so much on their plate so they need to have exceptional organizational skills. Some of the tasks that they’re supposed to take care of include leasing units, renewing leases, renovating other units, managing eviction proceedings, etc. and all three could all be happening at the same time but for different units. To stay on top of all those details on the busiest days, he needs to have the ability to complete tasks at the same time. 


It’s almost impossible to find the perfect property manager who has all those traits that we just talked about. But there are several characteristics that determine whether or not someone is a good fit for the job. When reviewing resumes, look for someone who displays most of these qualities. It’s normal to find people whose skills in one area are stronger than others. 

As an aspiring property manager, it would help if you mastered the above-listed skills and added them to your resume.