Understand the Core Components of Local Business Listings

In this digital era, local businesses like hair salons, plumbers, restaurants, schools, contractors, and other service providers are searched online every day. Therefore, local businesses need to make it easy for their native customers to find you. The local business listing directories help in connecting service providers and potential customers. Online offers plenty of citation options to list your local business online.

Online local directories like Bleen offer significant SEO value. They dominate local search results for specific business keywords, so visit website Bleen and get listed to enjoy maximum impact and top search value. It is crucial to list business correctly and consistently along with multiple directories, review sites, and social profiles. Core components of the local business listings include –

Business name or title

Use a real-world business name that matches with your business sign, website logo, print marketing, etc. Never add geographic terms or modifiers, or extra keywords to the business name because Google bots are smart! Unlike Google, Facebook treats business field names distinctively. For multi-location business add modifier or city name for Facebook.

Multi-location, multi-practitioner, co-located businesses, business in container locations, and multi-department businesses, Google allows main business name. However, for local SEO each department must have a different phone number and for different businesses, the listing has to be separate.


A real address without change or additions must be put on the local business listing form. On Google, the street address is written in line one and mailbox number/s in line two of the address section. If you have a Service-Area-Business [SAB] then Google will hide street address that signals to the seekers that you serve clients at their locations. However, there will be a need for an eligible physical address even if you are a SAB provider.

Phone number

Google prefers phone numbers with local area codes supported with toll-free numbers. Ensure that all the citations use this phone number consistently. The phone number must connect directly to your business and not a call center.

Website URL

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For multi-practitioner, multi-location, and multi-department businesses, the listing will point to your website URL, while practitioners, branches, and departments will point towards their relevant landing pages. It helps to keep entities separate.


Poor categorization can badly impact your search engine rankings. Google offers guidelines on how to categorize businesses accurately. Categorization makes it easy for search engines and platforms to understand which searches are more relevant to your local business.


Create a short, persuasive, and engaging pitch describing your company. Descriptions hardly impact local search rankings yet can impact the click-through rates.

Other business listing components you will come across are –

  • Tagline
  • Social profiles
  • Images
  • Extra media
  • Fax number
  • Alternate phone numbers
  • Brands you carry
  • License or certificates you carry
  • Forms of payment accepted
  • Attributes

Remember, when you list your local business on or any other listing platforms double-check the consistency of information you supply on the core component fields because it can influence your local SEO.

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