Want to know which Attributes Differentiate GetMega from MyTeam11?

There is no denying the popularity of fantasy sports-based gaming platforms nowadays. Quite impressively, fantasy sports have become a buzzword in today’s time. For instance, an ardent cricket follower knows that they can enhance their interest by participating in fantasy sports. In simplest terms, fantasy sports are games based on online prediction. 

A few years back, it was out of our imagination that we could develop a virtual team of favourite players who will belong to different teams competing against each other. In fantasy sports-based gaming platforms, you have to create a virtual team based on your knowledge and judgment about the players and win rewards and prizes on the basis of real-life statistics. 

Both GetMega and MyTeam11 are popular platforms based on fantasy sports. Both these platforms are a huge hit among players who love participating in fantasy games. With these things in mind, let’s take a glance at the attributes which make GetMega different from MyTeam11. 

The Presence of a 24/7 Leaderboard 

What makes GetMega different from MyTeam11 is the presence of a 24/7 leaderboard. The leaderboard of GetMega can be accessed by players 24/7 to see their standings on fantasy sports. Quite impressively, the leaderboard is task and winning-based. In other words, players can improve their rankings by both playing and winning fantasy sports. 

In GetMega, the players to rank ten can win the leaderboard prizes. Moreover, entry to the leaderboard is free. On the contrary, MyTeam11 doesn’t have a 24/7 leaderboard. In simple words, you cannot keep track of your rankings all day. Moreover, the leaderboard of this platform is a task-based one. In other words, you have to win to improve your rankings on the leaderboard. 

Vast Number of Games 

To be precise, GetMega has various types of games to offer to players apart from fantasy games. For instance, in GetMega, you can participate in a wide variety of games which include poker, rummy, carrom, GoPool, etc. 

However, that is not the case with MyTeam11. This gaming platform is dedicated to the interest of fantasy players. In other words, you will have limited options while participating in this gaming platform.   

The Enrollment of Real Players 

Another attribute that differentiates GetMega from MyTeam11 is the enrollment of real players. Being serious about players’ security, GetMega has an extensive verification process. In other words, it allows only 100% verified profiles and features skill-based games. It is also RNG certified which provides players with complete peace of mind. 

My Team11 also ensures that only real players are enrolled. My Team11 has a comprehensive verification process which greatly helps in verifying the identity of the players. So when you are participating in this gaming platform, you would be able to compete with a free mind. 

The Aspects of Safety and Security 

In terms of security, both these gaming platforms are pretty equal. GetMega is a member of the All India Gaming Federation. The platform of GetMega is one that seriously cares about the security of the players. 

It is also RNG-certified which provides participants with an added sense of confidence. MyTeam11 is also a secure platform where players can participate without worrying much. It features 3D secure authentication along with a range of security features. The process of transferring money to the bank account is also pretty straightforward. 

The gameplay of both these platforms is impressive. They feature user-friendly UI, which ensures that you face minimum disruptions. If playing fantasy sports is your passion, then opting for both these platforms will be ideal.