Websites: A New and Effective Way Of Marketing

Technology has taken a long track now, every day we see the advancement of technology has taken in society. People have opted for the option of advertisement by way of the internet now. Any person who is interested in stepping into the business world prefers to choose the marketing of their product and services on an online portal. People use social sites to promote their products but other personalize way to promote the products is by making their web sites. Some people also prefer to have their blog and for that purpose, they need their personalized websites. There are professionals in Singapore like Leading Solution available who are specialized in website development services

These people are addressed as web developers they make attractive websites for people and charge for their services. But as people are well educated now there are various websites available on online portals which are helping a person to make a website on their own, it is not that difficult now to make a website. The availability of numerous sites makes this work easier. The leading example of these sites are Wix, Square space, go daddy and Weebly, etc. there is a particular fan following for Wix and Weebly in the international market and you can easily witness the Wix vs Weebly comparison on various blogs as well on social sites. And there are various Youtube videos which have content of Wix vs Weebly. Each site has its distinctive features, which make every effort to attract the people to make the site and provide their easiest coding to make the site. If we summarize Weebly vs Wix in simple words then we can say that Weebly is a shorter version whereas Wix provides various features with great varieties of templates to make the site. 

A person can find around 600 templates to make their website on WIx whereas this number is limited to 60 on Weebly, therefore because of the wide range of templates, Wix sometimes won the race of Wix vs Weebly. But on the other hand, the financial factor restricts the people to use the Wix as compare to Weebly because the Wix will charge you $13 per month for premium builder plans whereas Weebly is at quite half-rate which charges around $6 per month for premium builder plans. Both the sites are customer friendly and they provide great guidance to the people who log in to make sites via email or live chats option. The rating of Wix is slightly higher than Weebly because it is very easy for the person to use it and it categories different templates as per the requirement. On Wix, the basic features are for free and it is the simplest mode of making a website on your own. The darker side of Wix is that due to a large number of templates it becomes difficult for a person to choose the perfect template for their website, and every time to start over beginning in every template create little chaos to make a site, therefore to get lesser confuse a person prefer Weebly over Wix.