What are kick messages in the server?

Kick messages are messages which can be displayed whilst an operator kicks the participant, or the participant has problems connecting to the Minecraft Survival Servers.

  • End Of Stream (Client message) – The server has stopped sending information to the customer
  • Internal Server Error: java.internet.Minecraft – The server is sending unknown data to the customer, typically from a server mod, this occurs with a customer with old mod attempts to enroll in the server with the up to date mod.
  • Timed Out – The customer has misplaced connection to the server, maximum probably because of disconnecting from the Internet or having Minecraft functions blocked through a firewall.
  • Internal exception: Received string period longer than the most allowed ([Number]>256) – A chat message that the customer dispatched to the server surpassed the most individual restrict.
  • Internal Server Error – The server generated an exception whilst dealing with the customer‘s request.
  • Disconnected – The participant disconnected through the use of the Disconnect button within side the Main Menu
  • Illegal characters in chat – The customer became denied sending positive characters, together with the § symbol
  • Kicked for spamming (disconnect. spam)- The customer is sending chat messages too quickly
  • Read timed out – The server cannot locate the participant‘s connection
  • Bad login – The customer is strolling in offline mode and cannot connect with an authenticated server
  • You logged in from every other location – Another customer has logged in to the server the participant is gambling on with the participant‘s username.
  • Outdated customer (Please use model}) – The server is strolling a extra current model of Minecraft than the customer is
  • Outdated server (I’m nonetheless on model}) – The customer is strolling a extra current model of Minecraft than the server is
  • You are banned from this server– Self-explanatory, the customer is banned and stays banned till pardoned through an admin
  • You had been IP banned. – The customer‘s IP has been banned.
  • Kicked through an operator. – The customer has been disconnected the use of the /kick command. This message seems whilst no custom message is entered.
  • Flying isn’t always enabled in this server – The customer attempted to fly for longer than five seconds in Survival or Adventure mode
  • Attempting to assault an invalid entity – Happens whilst a customer attempts to hit both themselves, and an entity that cannot usually be attacked (e.g. Arrow, Egg, Ender Pearl, Trident). This is handiest viable thru modes/plugging.