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What Can You Expect From A Reputable Plumbing Service?

Plumbing involves the assembly of various pipes, drains, valves, fittings, and faucets needed for the distribution of water for household use.  Furthermore, plumbing refers to the system of water management in your home or apartment that provides for the use of water for cleaning, cooking, bathing and drinking. Your drainage or sewer system is also considered plumbing but its purpose is to remove waste water from your house to sewer or septic system that can treat and safety dispose of used water.  Both systems are connected to one another but serve very different purposes.

Hiring a reputable licensed Seattle plumber and plumbing contractor isan important factor in making your sure your home is comfortable and safe to live in.  Plumbing technicians are trained and skilled at all aspects of repair and installation of plumbing fixtures, pipes, drains, and appliances.  A leak in your plumbing can be a major headache if not dealt with in a timely manner. A clogged drain or sewer typically gets worse not better over time if not properly cleaned and unclogged.  So, it is important to find and vet reputable plumbers that service the area that you live in.

There are a number of ways to evaluate a plumber’s capabilities and reputation.  The most common one is word of mouth recommendations. However one should not rely solely on the word or recommendation of a friend or neighbor.  Do your own research by reading reviews, visiting their website, and checking out their membership status with bureaus and associations that cater to the needs of consumers of goods and services.

A reputable and experienced plumbing contractor will have proper licensing and bonding that are required by the governing agencies that certify and monitor the various trade industries in your area.  Seattle plumbers must be registered and licensed by Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.  In order to be a licensed residential plumber in Seattle, you must have 3 years or more or at least 6,000 hours working as a plumber under supervision of a certified residential or journey level plumber.Besides licensing, check whether the plumber you are considering to hire has the proper insurances or bonding to cover any damages or injuries related to the work that they perform on your premises.

Do you need a Permit?

Most cities like Seattle require the use of permits for many different types of plumbing and gas piping projects.  So one of the first questions to ask the plumber in Seattle is whether you will need a permit for the work that needs to be done.  In Seattle, King County is the government agency where the plumber that you hire will need to file for a permit if your job requires one.  Projects like repiping, sewer replacements, and gas piping require permits because of the nature of the work involve.  Plumbing carries water that is used in cooking and drinking so there is the potential for health problems if the water is contaminated or affected by plumbing.  Gas piping is potential hazardous because of the possibility of a gas leak which can result in life threatening injuries if the gas were to ignite and explode within the residence that is being serviced.  Sewer lines carry waste and harmful bacteria that can potentially cause medical problems if not properly installed and connected to sewage lines or septic tanks.


A reputable plumbing contractor will also be skilled and trained in the installation of the pipes and drains for appliances such as garbage disposals, dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters and sump pumps.A plumbing contractor should have all the necessary skills for the inspection of water lines and other crucial connections that are made to your appliances.  Proper connections to water and sewer systems for your appliances is key for your safety and use of your appliances.  A Seattle Plumber can suggest the best methods to maintain both indoor and outdoor pipes and plumbing so they are free from corrosion and free from leaking that could create considerable damage to your home.

Plumbing Vents:

Plumbing vents are required to be installed and in good working order for any of your plumbing and drain systems in your home. Vents are required because they help regulate the air pressure and remove gas and odors from your pipes.  Vents are connected to your pipes and drains and vented outside of your home typically through a pipe that is on the roof of your home. A reputable plumber can advise you as to whether your vents are in good working order and whether you will need to install or replace them based on their current condition and any work that is being done on your plumbing.

Once you find a reputable plumber for your plumbing needs in Seattle remember to give the contractor feedback as to the quality of their services.  You can do this by calling back to the plumber’s offices, writing an email to the company as well as writing a review on site where you found the plumber or where they are listed, such as Yelp, Google, Home Advisor, or Yellow Pages.