What do you do when the HP Printer Printing blank pages?

HP printers give top-notch execution. They are strong and solid in the real sense. In any case, there are some issues that an HP printer may introduce. This issue can persist after you do a 123 hp printer setup. It cannot be very clear.

Your Printer might appear to be working if it can’t get associated with your PC. As such, an error message shows up saying,” Your HP printer is offline.” There are numerous ramifications of the same.


1. You are going to play out a vital printing execution. At the point when the Printer appears to be offline, you may wind up in some difficulty. 

2. “The HP printer is offline” error message is gotten. By then, you attempt to keep printing. Best perhaps, you would encounter hp printer printing blank pages.

3. The Printer is disconnected unmistakably shows that its network with PC is lost or not legitimate. 

Here are a couple of steps to endeavor in such a case situation. 

• Check to guarantee the Printer is turned on and related with a comparative Wi-Fi network as your PC. Your Printer’s innate menu should show which network it’s related with, or really take a gander at your Printer’s manual for additional information. 

• Check that your Printer isn’t being utilized in Printer Offline mode. Select Start > Settings > Devices > Printers and scanners. Then select your Printer> Open line. Under Printer, guarantee Use Printer Offline isn’t picked. 

• On the remote possibility that these methods don’t return your Printer on the web read Troubleshooting disengaged printer issues. 

The above advances would assist you with fixing the HP printer’s disconnected issue. Also, when you can’t get it just in the wake of going through these means, then, at that point, contact a decent specialist. It very well may be excessively confounding now and again. Along these lines, it is more competent to counsel an expert. 

A hp printer printing a blank page isn’t an extremely confounded issue to fix. Be that as it may, now and again, professional assistance becomes vital. 

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End words

For some reason, HP printers are favored from one side of the planet to the other. These are magnificent items. HP printer makes printing consistent. You will love utilizing an HP printer of all time! Yet, all said and done, these fine devices can present some regular issues like the Hp printer being disconnected, the HP printing blank pages, and then some. Improper association with the PC brings about such blunders after you do a 123 hp printer set up. And the hp printer printing blank pages. It would not be very clear.

In this article, we have addressed a few ramifications of such issues. Furthermore, we have attempted to give bit by bit fix.