What is Blockchain that you need to know about

Blockchain technologies have become very popular and you can hear the term every now and then. The technology definitely owes its popularity to cryptocurrency. Blockchain can be simplified as a decentralized ledger. There is no central authority and the entire thing is maintained by the ‘miners’. The miners add transactions to this ledger and keep copies of the Blockchain. One of the major additions by the Blockchain technology was that the peers could reach consensus in this decentralized technique. You might wonder that if there is no central authority, who is ensuring the safety. But in reality, it is much more secure than a centralized system.

Who are the miners and how is the system kept clean?

The miners should have a good computing power to add a new block to the Blockchain. If it is accepted, the miner is awarded some bitcoins. There is a combination of cryptography and financial incentives to ensure that no one can benefit from cheating. If there is a malicious miner, he would need to use more power than the majority of all miners to convince the network that his version is real. It is not feasible to do so because of electricity. The distribution of mining power and the block reward incentives enforce the honest behavior. You can click here for more information on the topic.

What are the blocks in the technology?

These Blockchain transactions are added to the ledger in batches which are known as ‘blocks’. Every block of transaction would refer to the previous block. No one can change a past transaction as this would break the cryptographic link to all the blocks with transactions following it. Though cryptocurrencies in the form of Bitcoin was the first application of this Blockchain technology, the technology can be used for a lot of other applications.

What is meant by a cryptocurrency wallet?

When you are using an encryption system, you are offered a public and a private key. When encrypted data is sent through a channel, the data gets encrypted in such a way that only the receiver can decrypt the data. This cryptocurrency wallet works in a similar way. It helps to store your public and private keys. The wallet interacts with the Blockchain and enables you to receive and send cryptocurrencies. If you are trying to use a cryptocurrency, let’s say Bitcoin, you would need to have a cryptocurrency wallet.

Ensure that you have a secure wallet

Before you go for a cryptocurrency wallet, you should ensure its security. The best wallets would allow complete control over your private keys. You can have accelerated transactions, which would push your priority transactions to the mining pool so that they get confirmed faster. Also, the optimal transaction fees would be charged for the fastest confirmations on your transactions. There would be backups to help you keep your bitcoins safe forever. You can even create unlimited Bitcoin addresses with the help of a good cryptocurrency wallet. is a good tool for Bitcoin trading.