What Is The Catalytic Value And When Should It Be Changed?

Catalytic converters are parts installed in the exhaust system, responsible for cleaning the gas emissions produced by the burning of fuel. These emissions are harmful to the environment, so the converter seeks to reduce its impact by inhibiting its reaction. The gases present in combustion are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and hydrocarbons.

Due to its function, the catalyst must remain in good condition since, otherwise, the car could be releasing more pollutants and increasing its fuel consumption, and causing the vehicle to lose power.

Therefore, we will see what the catalytic value is, if it needs to be changed and in which cases it should be done.

How Much Does A Catalytic Converter Cost?

These parts are made up of metals like palladium, rhodium, and platinum, so the catalytic converter value can be high. However, it is possible to increase its useful life if given the correct maintenance, such as cleaning the filters repeatedly and avoiding the use of lead so as not to intervene in the catalyst process.

The catalytic value varies depending on the brand, although the average is between $ 50,000. Among the cheapest, there are pieces of $30,000. However, you have to be careful because they may not meet the quality standards to pass the gas analysis during the vehicle verification.

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Similarly, the catalytic value can increase or decrease depending on the type of catalyst since there are three-way models on the market, including an oxygen sensor. This device helps control the amount of oxygen entering the engine to make the proper fuel mixture.

What Is The Cost Of Changing A Catalytic Converter?

In addition to considering the catalytic converter value, you should also consider how it is installed. Some catalysts come bolted to the exhaust or welded on, so this will add to the complexity and cost of the task.

When Is It Time To Change A Catalytic Converter?

The Car Reached 160,000 Kilometers

A catalytic converter’s average life is from 80,000 kilometers to 160,000, although this will depend on the care. If the car is about to reach this mileage, the catalytic converter must be checked and replaced.

Metal Noises Under The Car

If there is noise from the bottom of the car, the catalytic converter may be broken. This can be caused by fuel accumulation, which yields its temperature to rise to its maximum capacity, causing fractures to the interior.