What to Look for in Youtube Beauty Tutorials

They’re entertaining, and they’re definitely informative–or are they? They can run for longer than 10 minutes per video, but that doesn’t mean all that time is filled with information that will help you in your own beauty concerns. The length of a video has more to do with the YouTube algorithm than addressing your problems, sadly.

Still, beauty tutorials may be good sources of information, if you know what to look for. Here are some things you should pay attention to:

The Vlogger’s Skin Type


Each beauty guru is different, and so is their skin. You’ll be better off following a channel that has the same skin type as you so that concerns specific to your skin type will be addressed. For example, if you have very oily skin, the product used by most beauty bloggers might not work well for you. If you can find a beauty guru that deals with the same oiliness as you do, you can already get an idea of the products that will fit your skin, depending on what they personally endorse on their channel. This is especially important if your level of oiliness or skin dryness is very extreme. Only those who are facing the same issues will understand.

The Country They’re from

You can enjoy content from worldwide, thanks to platforms such as YouTube that is available almost everywhere. Anyone can upload a video and have a following. However, like the skin type, you also want to consider the weather or climate the YouTuber is experiencing, to better assess if you’ll get the same results if you use the same eyebrow makeup they bought online. A vlogger from a tropical country will experience a different weather than someone who lives in the north pole or the southern hemisphere, for instance. Makeup interacts with sweat, humidity, and oiliness in different ways, which means a product that’s endorsed by everyone on the opposite side of the earth may not be a good match for you, and vice versa.

Their Skin Color

This does not mean you should just follow the channels of vloggers who are of the same ethnicity as you. Rather, this has something to do with the range of products available to your particular skin type. If you have olive skin, products that are available in very light shades will not be the best match for you. Similarly, the undertones also need to be considered. A beauty guru with a warm undertone will look less flattering in products with a cooler undertone, so you might not get a recommendation for that product. If you struggle with finding makeup that matches your skin type, the first thing you need to do is find beauty bloggers who have the same skin type. From there, you’ll have a whole new world of products to watch reviews for.

It’s truly entertaining to watch hours of content centered on beauty. But make sure each minute you spend doing this gives you knowledge in return. Know the beauty gurus that have the same skin type, weather, and skin color as you, to be more successful in finding the perfect products to use on your skin.