Which chakra should you open first

Working on the chakras means working to attain your higher self. There are many newcomers when they begin chakra meditation who are confused as to which chakra they should open first, the root chakra or the crown chakra? Is it better to open the crown chakra first, and work down to the root chakra or to open the root chakra and then work up to the root chakra? As per yoga gurus and reiki masters, opening the crown chakra and coming down to open the root chakra is very similar to building a house by building its roof first and this will cause a multitude of problems than benefits. This is also working against the law of nature.

Opening the root chakra is the most important part of the amazing chakra meditation because it develops the spiritual foundation and once the spiritual foundation is strong enough, your physical foundation also develops based on which you can sense your purpose in life and reach your higher self.

Why is the opening of the root chakra often compared with building a house?

A well-built house could be compared with a person who has a strong spiritual and physical foundation. But to build a strong house, you need to build strong walls that will protect you from natural elements, and also you need materials such as steel beams that would give the structural integrity to the house being built. Similarly, opening your root chakra first during chakra meditation helps an individual to develop the energy bodies that would help us fight with negative energies that affect our everyday life.

Ways to open your root chakra

  • The single most important thing to remember when you learn how to do chakra meditation is that you need to have a strong intention to open up your root chakra so that you could balance it and you could help yourself to attain your higher self. You need to give your root chakra the permission to open up and heal, be brave enough to get along with any old memories if that comes up during the process of meditation and not get too emotional about it.
  • To open up the root chakra you need guidance. Guided visuals are available on the internet nowadays to help you to get along with chakra meditation. The guided visuals come with a voice that helps you to perform the breathing exercises which in turn opens up and strengthens the root chakra. The breathing exercises also help you to release any negative energy that is stuck in the chakra which helps in the balancing of the root chakra.
  • Rubbing a metal spoon on your feet can help in the opening and the balancing of the root chakra. Metal is rich with grounding properties and helps in balancing the energies that flow through the body. To start the process, you need a metal spoon with which you have to rub the soles of your feet and then proceed slowly towards the heels. The benefit of this process is that with this process you could infuse new energy to your root chakra.
  • Crystals work very effectively when it comes to opening and balancing your root chakra. Wearing a crystal around your neck or keeping a crystal close to your bed is a very good practice. That is because visualizing a crystal for a few minutes every day works very efficiently towards opening your root chakra. Onyx, hematite, black tourmaline, or any other stones that are black, green, or red are also helpful in the opening and balancing of the root chakra.
  • Grounding essential oils are also an excellent means for relaxing. If you could relax while doing the chakra meditation then you could concentrate more on the opening of your root chakra. Reiki masters often recommend essential oils having the aroma of cedarwood, sandalwood, eucalyptus, or ginger. These elements grow below the ground and therefore these elements have vibrations that are very helpful in opening the root chakras. All you need to do is to take a drop or two, rub it on your palm and apply it on the soles of your feet or the tailbone. 

Last but not least, the best way to open and strengthen your root chakra is to spend as much time as possible. As you make more skin contact with nature, your root chakra will take in more positive energy from nature and balance itself. Small actions like walking barefoot on the grass, or sitting in the park are also considered parts of chakra meditation where the root chakra can release any stuck negative energy and stabilize itself.