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Why curtains are selected over blinds?

Curtains and blinds are the two different but similar window treatments that a majority choose to go for. Among the two where residential properties are willing to go for curtains, blinds have been a choice of commercial properties. What is the better option for your office as per your thinking? A majority intends to go for blinds when it comes to office rooms. What is your area of installation? Is it your home or commercial property that needs a wall or window treatment?

Why curtains are better than blinds?

Over the passage of time, it is the curtain that holds major importance. Below are some of the beautiful benefits that prefer curtains over blinds.

  • Beauty lies in their appearance

The overall appearance of the curtain is what makes the wall treatment an exceptional one. The beauty of the curtain lies in the fabric consumed for its production along with its additional accessories. Comparatively to blinds, curtains have been widely recognized for their exceptional beauty. The choice of fabric you make is one of the keys as the quality and grace of the fabric is what enhances the beauty. There are more design options for curtains than those available for the blind. The variety of curtains available works well with the classic interior design of the furniture.

  • Absorbs noise

Although blinds and curtains are both known for their noise absorption benefit, heavy curtains are a better version. The thickness of the curtain is what decides its’ insulation. What kind of curtains have you installed? Is it the blinds that are unable to handle the noise? If so, it’s high time that you should switch towards the thicker curtains.

  • Useful

All of us require some darkness in the room when we are about to sleep. Having the curtains installed offers the amazing blackout that makes the room feel colder during the summers and hotter when the weather makes you chill. Additionally, their easy to move feature is also something that adds value.

  • Cleaning process

In comparison to blinds, curtains are quite easier to clean. Where blinds require brushing to remove dust, curtains can simply be dry cleaned, i.e. one will never have to make any extra effort. What do you think about it? Maybe you are thinking the other way.

When it comes to cleaning, it is the curtains that offer a little tough time. But a large number of people prefer it for it being easily washable, i.e. there is no need to clean them with different hacks. Simple washing is what works wonders. What are your thoughts about window treatments? Is it the curtain or the blind that you’d prefer? Are you renovating your home and want to add a touch of change and elegance? Different styles and patterns of curtains are what can work wonders. Add more to the beauty of your home with soft and smooth curtains!