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Why is leaking water dangerous for the air conditioner?

A well-working air conditioner is like a blessing in summers. It cools not only your house but also your brain. It is a great escape from the sweltering forces of heat in summers especially in the areas like Singapore. Global warming and temperature rise has made air conditioners an inevitable necessity. 

Whenever your air conditioner starts to show some problems, the cooling at the home is being affected which leads to discomfort at your own home the solution to air conditioner issues must be found quickly. One of the most common issues related to air conditioners is the water leak issue. Pending on leaking of water or of refringent, sometimes it can be dangerous. 

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Water leaking from the Air conditioner

Water is the natural product of the process of cooling in an air conditioner. The air conditioner unit is composed of two systems, one inside the house and one outside the house. The unit inside the house is responsible for cooling the air as it has cooling coils which change the temperature of the air which passes over them. 

The unit situated outside the house performs the condensation part as the air which passes in the air conditioner also has water vapours in it. these vapours get converted into the water as the air is cooled and hence need to be disposed of. The water is drained into a drain pan which is directed outside of the home through the condensate drain line. 

Reasons for leaking air conditioner

Clogged drain– once the drain is choked, water is inevitable to leak inside of your house. 

Old filters– air filters must be changed every three months. Changing the filters is crucial because they affect the quality of the air which is released in your house. It also decreases the chances of break down of your unit and maintains the efficiency of your air conditioner unit. Regular changing the filters also lengthens the life span of your air conditioner. 

If your air conditioner is leaking freon, it is because of the effect which chemicals in freons have on metals.

They eat up the metals and thus, freon start to leak.

Symptoms of leaking freons are:

1- Hotter and humid air from the air conditioner. 

2- Noises that resemble bubbling or hissing. 

3- Sweet smell oozing from the air conditioner. 


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