Why Should You Give B1 English Test

The B1 English test is also known as B1 CEFR. Is must for people for Indefinite Leave to Remain or citizenship. This test has only two things first is speaking, and the second is listening. The people should also pass the test of life in the UK test. The people who have passed A1 should pass the next stage B1 test. By this test, people will get indefinite leave to remain.

Where and how to appear for the B1 test?

They have centres so you have to go there and give the test if you are approved you will get Visa or if you are not you can give the test once again. But the problem is the fee of the test. Those who are giving the test once again should pay the fee once again, so try to pass on the first attempt only to save your money. There are many centres in different locations. So the centres will be decided by the test institute. You can go to the nearest location also if you want. You can give the test Life in the UK test also many sites give the options. So you can just search if you want some more information about life in the UK test.

People ask what is required to full English Test B1

Now I will show you the list but if you have only one also then it is not a problem.

  • Passport ( it should not be expired one).
  • Travel Document.
  • Biometric residence permit card.
  • Immigration status document.
  • European union ID card.

How to prepare for English B1 Test

You can book an online test if you want. They will tell you to come to a specific centre to give the test. You have to bring your study material also. There will be different kinds of test. Be confident and try to clear on the first attempt only. Practice hard to get good marks.

Steps for Online Registration

  • You can find your nearest location centre, so you no need to go far away from giving the test. B1 test booking can be made online.
  • You have to fill the online form so that in the exam centre they will notice you. Fill the form properly because if the mistake happens then in future, you may face many issues. So read carefully and fill the form correctly check 2 or 3 times that you have filled properly. You can take help from any friends or any family members who can fill the form correctly.
  • You can pay the fee online. By online banking, your exam test will be confirmed. They will give you the details of the centre and what you should and at what time. And what is the date of the test? Read everything carefully. Try to go centre at the perfect time.
  • The best part is that there are sites where you can again change your personal details. If you want to change something, you have an option. Make sure to fill the form correctly on the first attempt only.
  • You can change the exam date also if you are busy select the date you want.