Why Would You Change Your Watch Strap For A Rubber One?

The world of replacing luxury watch bracelets with a rubber watch strap includes a wide spectrum of views and opinions, some people absolutely love rubber watch straps aren’t so keen, others are within the middle just use the rubber watch straps when the time suits like going diving or skiing, and put the metal bracelet back on for formal events.

Bracelets stretch over time with wear, this is often thanks to the stretching and wearing of the metallic parts. Not only does this start to seem a touch worn against your nice watch face but also will have an impression on the resale value of your piece. So some people remove the metallic watch band as soon as they purchase their watch and put it away for safekeeping. They then install a different strap in order that they have a more durable and fewer expensive replacement, like rubber watch straps. This manner if they ever came to resell their watch the strap is within the condition that it left the factory and greatly increases the resale value of the watch.

For some people that work on a desk job, they find the watchband and deployment buckle can rub on the desk and create wear on it causing it to seem a touch beaten prematurely, the constant contact of the deployment bracelet against the desk as you’re typing can cause a “buckle rash” on the face of the deployment clasp making it look prematurely worn. This again may have an impression on the resale value of the piece, but more importantly, it’ll not look as nice because it once did and rubber watch straps can help with this type of trouble.

Yes, there was a time when a natural rubber strap for watches was an uncomfortably sticky, non-breathable, specialist item with a propensity to crack. Generally, they weren’t the foremost stylish watch accessories. But that was decades ago and things have changed.

Over the last 50 years, a revolution in materials and manufacturing means there’s now an enormous selection of top quality, high-performance natural, and artificial rubber watch straps. They’re even stylish now, also as being one among the simplest watch straps to decline a dive. Nowadays the brochure of any self-respecting dive or sports watch manufacturer will include rubber strap options.

The vulcanized nitrile rubber watch strap is one of the foremost popular and widely used for high-performance applications. Like any rubber, its performance isn’t just determined by its type, be it Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR), synthetic rubber, polyurethane rubber, or PVC rubber. Also important is that the specific formulation and processing by manufacturers.

Within any of the most ‘rubber’ types, additives, composition, usage, exposure to the weather, personal preference and time are among the factors determining the performance, comfort, and sturdiness of straps. Considering their practicality, comfort, security, durability, and various designs they bestow, it’s no surprise that rubber watch straps are so popular.