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Guide to Employee Turnover

High employee turnover can drive up the company’s costs and lower productivity. There is a high cost of losing employees over a long term period that carries on as a company invests money and time to hire the right people and train new employees. It’s important that HR staff use an employee turnover formula to see […]


Free Girls PNG Images Download on Vippng

Vippng provides you with high-quality girls png images, psd, icons, and vectors images. Browse our collection of girls, free girls png images catalog and download any that meets your needs. You can use the girls’ images you download for your personal designs or projects. We have designed this platform since we are designers ourselves. We […]


7 Basic Elements of Good Design

Creating a great design involves a lot more than a great idea or inspiration. Talent plays a big role in design, but like in any profession, there are basic rules you have to follow. Design is all about breaking rules, but you cannot break rules, which you don’t know exist. The basic elements of good […]


Benefits of Internships for Jobs

How the internships and jobs benefit each other is a matter of concern which can give numerous beneficial results. The internships are for temporary period in which the interns become able to understand the actual weakness and strengths of the industry rather than the theory they study in the academic. The main benefit of internships […]