Practical Ways To Naturally Calm Your Dog

Keeping your pet dog calm is no easy task. While there can be noticeable differences between humans and our canine companions. Dogs can also exhibit the same social behavior and emotions, take for example worrying. As humans, we can understand how frustrating it is to experience such thing as anxiousness. We cope up with it […]


Some facts about CBD Tinctures

Tincture is obtained by mixing alcohol and water with a plant extract. Thus, CBD tincture is made by adding water and alcohol to CBD extract obtained from Cannabis plant. Cannabidiol or CBD has a number of therapeutic properties and is used by people through various methods. It can be inhaled using vape pens or applied […]


Steubenville, Ohio: The City Of Murals

Steeped in rich tradition in history, Steubenville sits quietly on the banks of the Ohio River. The county seat of Jefferson County is also known as the City of Murals. Over 25 stunning murals can be found on Ohio’s Cookie Capital and Downtown area alone. Steubenville is also home to attractions such as Old Fort […]