Audio vs Video Baby Monitors: Which one do you have to choose?

If you want to make sure that your babies are safe while you are not with them, then you can use baby monitors. This is a great device that helps you monitor your babies while they are sleeping or playing in their rooms. Speaking of baby monitor device, there are two types of baby monitors, they are audio baby monitor and video baby monitor. So, what should you choose between audio and video baby monitors?

Audio vs Video Baby Monitors

In a study at, An audio baby monitor is a type of baby monitor that can only hear a voice without a video. It means that you cannot see your baby on the monitor, but you can hear this voice. This audio baby monitor is no longer used because it is not effective to monitor babies. Today, people would prefer to buy a video baby monitor that cannot only hear a voice, but it can also record videos at the same time. You can watch the video as if you are watching television.

Baby Monitor Data Transmission

How does a baby monitor transmit data? Well, there are actually three types of baby monitors based on its data transmission system, they are analog, digital, and wireless. An analog baby monitor uses FM radio frequency to transmit data. But, it has a weakness in which this analog system may experience cross-signaling that can interfere with the data transmission. A digital baby monitor sends data digitally that has no risk of cross-signaling, but it has limited coverage. Meanwhile, the wireless baby monitor uses wifi and internet network so you can monitor your baby using your computer, tablet, smartphone anywhere you want as long as you are also connected to the internet.

Features to Consider When Buying a Baby Monitor

Either you buy an analog, digital, or wireless baby monitor, you still need to consider some important features such as low battery alert, mute option, talkback feature, and temperature display. However, it also depends on the product you choose. The more feature a baby monitor has, the more price you have to pay. Nowadays, many people prefer to buy a wireless baby monitor because they can monitor their baby on their device.

Final Verdict

So, which one should you buy between a Video or Audio baby monitor? Well, a baby monitor with video features must be the right choice if you want to watch your baby’s activities in real-time. However, a video baby monitor is quite expensive to afford. Meanwhile, if you think that hearing the baby’s voice is enough, then you can choose an audio baby monitor. Of course, a baby monitor with audio-only is cheaper than the video baby monitor. Also, an audio baby monitor also has a longer battery life than the video baby monitor. It is actually not a big deal because most of today’s video baby monitors have a bigger battery. It is all your decision whether you prefer an audio baby monitor or a video baby monitor.