Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment in Dallas, TX

Addiction is a common occurrence in today’s world. Not many people are shocked when they discover someone close to them is an addict. However, what matters more is getting help for the addiction problem. This may mean enrolling at a rehab facility such as Mallard Detox or finding a program that will help you or the addict overcome their addiction challenge. It is essential to start on a program that suits you. This explains why we have gender-specific treatment programs to cater to the unique needs of every gender.

Meaning of Gender-Specific Treatments

Each gender has addiction challenges that they identify with. However, some struggles are particular to a gender. Some reasons are specific to physical, emotional, or mental needs. But what exactly does gender-specific treatment mean?

  • These are treatment plans and programs that suit the specific gender, male or female
  • They address the unique needs of the gender. Males and females have different requirements that one treatment program cannot solve.
  • They address the physiological differences between both genders.
  • They accommodate the different responses that each gender experiences. While all addicts may react ina specific way, the details of responses and reactions could differ based on whether an addict is a male or female.

How Men and Women Deal with Addiction

Both men and women struggle with addiction. Statistics show that more men and women get into the habit with each passing date. However, both genders have varied responses to treatment programs. For example, women struggling with addiction will react to treatment in a few different ways. These include:

  • Women tend to have a faster and deeper progression to addiction than men.
  • Women may suffer from co-occurrence conditions. They may struggle with mental illnesses in addition to the addiction challenge.
  • Women may have larger barriers when they start their addiction journey. This means that the recovery path is not always straightforward r easy.
  • Women may struggle with more stigma when they are addicted to alcohol compared to men
  • Women handle addiction treatment differently, meaning they will likely benefit from gender-specific treatment.

Addition and Gender

Note that both males and females struggle with addiction in equal measure. However, it appears that women may be affected more because of the fat cells in their bodies as they tend to store more alcohol and keep you high for longer. As such, they tend to have a tighter fight against addiction. It is also true that women may have a faster and easier relapse rate because of their gender. It is also essential to consider the psychological composition of the females as they tend to store more fat due to their reproductive system. Sometimes because of biology, women may struggle a lot more with addiction than men.

The good news is that all the excellent rehab centers have the necessary programs to cater to the needs of the different genders. Call us to help you start a recovery program that works for you.