Buying personal medical insurance Qatar and its importance

If you are not eligible to be part of your organization’s personal medical insurance Qatar plan, you may be purchasing one from a private company. When a company offers the option to bring you on-board the program, they cover part of the insurance premiums. A premium is an amount that you or the company pays to the insurance company. One will be paying these premiums monthly. However, when you choose to buy a policy on your own, you will be spending the policy’s entire cost.

Complicated procedure

When you head out to buy personal medical insurance Qatar from a private insurance company, you face many complications. You cannot pick a plan and pay the premium out of your monthly salary. You must ensure that the program you selected provides adequate protection and benefits in the long term. You will be considering having a policy if you turned 26 recently, started working, or began operating a business having employees.

How do private insurance plans work?

Many employees gain through a group health insurance plan sponsored by the parent company. Nonetheless, several private players in the market offer a plethora of policies for different age groups covering several illnesses. You can choose a private insurance plan only if you are not eligible for the employer-sponsored and public assistance healthcare programs.

Scenarios that require private health insurance

Many circumstances force you to have personal medical insurance Qatar issued by a private player. The following are the scenarios that might help you look towards one other than government and company-sponsored plans:

Unemployed: There is a feasibility to continue to fall under the company’s medical insurance coverage if you lose employment or see a reduction in the working hours. However, there is a catch! The protection is available only for 36 months, and the cost to enroll in the scheme is high. The reason being the employed individual pays for the entire cost of the protection. Usually, the company pays a part of the healthcare program, reducing the burden on the employee.

Part-time employee: Part-time employment rarely offers any medical benefits. It is a position where one works a lower number of hours than full-time employment or less than 40 hours a week. Choosing a personal medical insurance Qatar plan is apt if you are working part-time.

Self-employed: Freelancing and businesses are self-employment. They have no option but to choose a private plan for protecting their health. However, one will be to be eligible to be part of the insurance plan on their spouse’s plan, if married.

Business with employees: If you begin a business and have employees, it is essential to provide them with medical insurance benefits. Even though it is not mandatory, offering such a benefit ensures that you are competitive and attract qualified and skilled candidates. In such an instance, you will be choosing the group plan.

Retirement: After retirement, you are no longer part of the employer-sponsored health insurance program. You can continue protecting yourself from critical illnesses by choosing a plan from a private insurance player. However, the premium cost will be high because of your age.


Getting an insurance policy to protect health is not an easy task. However, once you are familiar with the terminology and understand the requirements, your search for the plan becomes simple. With the number of choices available today, you can find one that meets your need well within your budget.