Caring for a senior: Here’s why in-home care matters!

Aging is inevitable, and at some point, even the fittest people need help in their old age. Seniors often have a hard time accepting that they need assistance. For many such seniors, it often becomes a concern when they find family members struggling to make time. As a responsible child, or grandchild, you would want to ensure that seniors at home get the care they deserve. If you check for home care service in Valley Forge, you will find quite a few options. When is it time to consider assisted care for a senior? Why is in-home care a better option? In this post, we are answering some of these basic questions and more. 

The need for assisted care

Like we mentioned, older people don’t really want to ask for help, but there are many notable signs to watch for. Ask questions like – 

  1. Does the person have a hard time remembering medications?
  2. Is he/she struggling with diet and basic hygiene?
  3. Has there been a notable increase or drop in weight?
  4. Does the person have motor disabilities?
  5. Are they not finding enough time to do everyday tasks?
  6. Does the person have sleeping issues?
  7. Are they showing signs of anger, aggression, and mood swings?
  8. Can they remember when to pay bills, or see the doctor?

Some of these are clear signs of aging, while others signs may indicate old-age related issues, such dementia. 

Why consider in-home care?

Firstly, in-home care ensures that the senior gets all the personal attention and companionship they need. Think of this – The family has a life of their own, and while they would want to make time for elders, it may not be practically feasible. By hiring home health aide, it is possible to offer that kind of attention. Also, in-home care ensures that the person enjoys the comfort of their home and surroundings. The services can be customized to a large extent, so no matter the kind of care a patient or senior needs, there are options to meet such demands. 

More options

As for the cost, hiring in-home care services in Philadelphia may cost a tad more, but eventually, it is about the quality of life. There are varied kinds of in-home care that can be provided for seniors. Besides personal care services, skilled nursing care and companion services are other options to consider. Check online now for in-home care services near you. 

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