Choosing The Right Skateboard Size for Establishing Better Control Over Riding

Having the right size skater board is essential to learn the skills of skating appropriately. Although the exact type and size of the board will be determined once you start to ride on the road. However, to get started, you need to know the basics to invest in the best electric skateboard.

There are multiple factors involved when it comes to selecting an accurate deck size. For example, some store owners suggest buying a deck size that correctly matched your shoe size. You can also buy a larger deck if you want to give more stability to your ride or a smaller one when you are looking to perform technical tricks.

Unless you are well-versed with the skill of riding a skateboard, don’t attempt technical skills and rather avoid buying a narrow deck size. This is because you need more safety and stability assurance as a beginner to avoid getting injured.

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Determining the correct size of the skateboard

You cannot buy a skateboard solely based on the shoe size. You need to take into account the various parameters that are involved in the sizing of a skateboard. Some of the parameters are:

1. Deck size:

  • Sizing the deck correctly is the most important to have better control over our rides.
  • Choose a wide board as a beginner to let the natural stability help you learn this new skill.
  • Narrow and lightweight decks are for experienced riders who now want to try some tricks with the board.

2. Skateboard – Length and width:

  • The length is usually similar in almost all skateboards.
  • Your shoe size can become a guiding factor while determining the width.
  • Young riders with a shoe size ranging from 4-6 should go for mini skateboards with a width of about 6.5 inches.

3. Height of the rider:

  • Based on your height, you determine the right board size for you.
  • A smaller person less than 4 feet 6 inches should not get a board size of more than 7.75 inches, 8 inches for medium height, and 8.5 inches for a tall person.

4. Wheel size:

  • The average wheel size for freestyle park skating is in the range of 50-60 mm.
  • If you are a technical skater, you might want a smaller size of about 54mm.

Your riding style will also determine the size of the skateboard and you should also check out the truck size before finalizing the skateboard.

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