Components of E-Bay Charges and how they are Determined

If there is one platform which you can rely upon, when it comes to selling of good using the internet; in that case, E-Bay would right be at the top of the list. Over the years, E-Bay has emerged as one of the most reliable and reputed names in this domain and has thousands of registered users, who are carrying out business to consumer and consumer to consumer selling.  E-Bay offers you the perfect platform to ensure that you could reach out to the thousands of potential customers who are scattered all over the world.

If you are planning to get associated with E=Bay, in that case, all you need to do is to get yourself registered with them, and you are ready to go. There are however, a couple of important aspects which you needs to take care of. Calculation of fees and revenue are the two most important ones. It is quite a complex process to deduce the exact figure, and in order to know it; you would require expert assistance. This is where online E-Bay calculator comes into the picture

What is an E-Bay Calculator

There are different types of fees and commissions which are charged by E-bay. You revenue generated is determined after the deduction of these charges. There are various different factors which determine the amount which needs to be charged. The nature of product you are dealing in, the type of your store, whether the sale is within the US or some other country. After taking all these aspects into consideration; a figure is arrived. As you can see that it is not the easiest of things to do. In order to find out the exact amount, you would require a specially designed mechanism. This is where an E-Bay calculator comes into the picture. It can help you derive the amount and along with that can come up with different other types of details which would prove to be quite useful for you.

What are the Different Components of E-Bay Charges?

As far as E-Bay Charges are concerned, there are various different components that make up the total amount. Here are some of them.

  • Insertion Fees: Those you sell on E-Bay have the benefit of zero insertion fee, which can range up to 50 listing. Once you have exceeded this amount, an insertion fee is charged on each product on the basis of the category. If the same item is being listed in two separate categories; in that case, you will have to pay listing fees for both of them.
  • Final Value Fees: This component of the fee structure is based on the cost of type of shipping services opted by the buyer. The standard fees that is charged in case of most of the categories is 10%, which is limited to a fee of 70$. In case of movies and DVDs, the fees is 12%. When it comes to heavy duty items, like printing equipment, trucks and others; they attract a fee of 2%, which can exceed to a limit of $300.

Are you looking for ebay fee calculator UK? You can find quite a few options over the internet, which can help you determining the charges and the fees